Siblings Live With Mom’s Skeleton for 3 Years & They’re Not Even (Necessarily) Crazy

skullsHere's the thing about this story: At first, it's gonna sound like the people involved are crazy. Not just a little crazy, either -- we're talking Norman Bates crazy. Why the Psycho reference? Well, because these people -- three siblings in Japan -- have apparently been living with the skeleton of their mother for three years. Like, in their house. (Not in a rocking chair, as far as I know, but still.) Naturally, the police were somewhat dismayed to discover the corpse, particularly because "conspiracy to abandon a body" is a crime under Japanese law. But the siblings (two women, ages 52 and 59, and one man, age 65) deny the charges on the following grounds: Their 88-year-old mother, they insist, is not dead.

Right now, you're probably thinking something like, "Oh my, these people are crazy indeed!" And I can't say I blame you. Except it's not that these siblings think their mother is alive, exactly. They think of her more as a ... god.


That's how they explained it to authorities, anyway:

"Our mother has become a god. She is not dead but is in the process of being elevated into a higher being," they said.

Okay. I realize this makes them sound just as crazy as ever, but it could be a religious belief-based kind of crazy. Because these siblings might practice Shintoism, one of most common religions in Japan. And the primary goal of Shintoism is to "achieve immortality among the ancestral beings." So maybe that's what the mom/skeleton has been doing for the past few years! Theoretically.

Or, you know, maybe that family be batsh*t crazy.

Why do you think these siblings lived with their mother's skeleton for three years?


Image via Carlos Castillo/Flickr

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