Woman Ends Up With Guy Who Saved Her Life After Brutal Stabbing by Her Ex (VIDEO)

Most couples have a cute story to tell about how they met. Maybe through friends, or online (she thought his profile was so goofy!), or in the grocery store check out line. But Melissa Dohme and Cameron Hill probably hate telling people how they met -- for they met in the most horrific way imaginable. Yet it is so extraordinary, how could they not tell it? Melissa and Cameron met when Melissa was lying on the ground, dying. She'd just been stabbed multiple times by her ex-boyfriend. And it was Cameron, who would eventually become her current boyfriend, who saved her.


Melissa, 20, dated Robert Burton for almost two years when he showed a violent streak by pulling her hair and punching her. So she broke up with him. But a few months later, Melissa made the almost-fatal mistake of agreeing to meet up with her ex, who had been calling and texting her nonstop, asking for a "hug," outside of her home. When Robert pulled her in for a hug, he also allegedly began stabbing her in the face and neck.

Melissa began screaming. A couple who happened to be nearby came to her aid, the man trying to fight off Robert, and the woman trying to get Melissa away while calling 911. Robert left and was later found after he crashed his car and overdosed on sleeping pills.

Cameron, 38, who is a firefighter-paramedic, responded to the scene. Melissa had so much blood covering her, he couldn't tell what she looked like, but had a strange feeling that the woman would remain part of his life.

Melissa, who was stabbed 32 times, was left with some facial paralysis, but eventually recovered enough to speak at a local church. That's when Cameron decided to surprise her by attending. She was immediately drawn to him and says:

I was weirdly giddy. I had this feeling about him.

Eventually, the two began dating and are now inseparable. They even attended the pretrial hearing for her ex's first-degree attempted murder case together. Says Melissa:

When I look back on that night, I can't think of it as all bad anymore because I met Cameron. He's the one I've been waiting for. My fairy tale.

Wow, that's a horrible way to meet -- but certainly a positive way of looking at what happened. Something like that could have the power of making Melissa never want to leave her house again, let alone date. Yet she's not only become a nurse and a speaker, but she's found love. You never know where true love is going to strike, do you? Certainly no one wants it found this way, but to think something so beautiful could come out of something so ugly is certainly inspiring.

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