Man Swallowed Alive by 100-Foot Sinkhole ... in His Bedroom!


It's the stuff of nightmares. A man was resting in bed when a 100-foot-wide sinkhole opened up and literally sucked him into the earth. Jeff Bush was heard screaming for his brother Jeremy as the floor devoured him after a Florida sinkhole suddenly opened inside his home. Absolutely horrifying. Yet that isn't even the strangest part of this incredibly bizarre event.


When police and rescue workers arrived, they had to pull Jeremy from the edge of the gaping cavity as he frantically searched for his loved one. Before the incident, he had heard a loud crash, as if a car rammed into the room. He ran in to find something that looked more like a scene from a horror movie than real life. He thought he could hear Jeff's cries for help and jumped into the hole to dig him out, but just couldn't find him.

Oddly, while the inside of the house was sucked into oblivion, the frame remained intact. Passersby would not have even known the dangers that lurked inside if they had not been told. Jeremy, along with four other people (including a 2-year-old), managed to escape. Police have since evacuated the entire neighborhood as they are unsure if the sinkhole will expand.

This just sends chills down my spine. I can't imagine being in the comfort of my own home and then suddenly the earth opens up and sucks me in. It is a danger most of us never even thought about. But as it turns out, sinkholes happen more often than any of us want to believe. Experts say they are actually common in Florida because the bedrock is made of limestone and other rock that can be eaten away by acidic groundwater and then collapse. Truly terrifying. 

Listen to a heartbreaking interview from the scene:

Have you ever seen a sinkhole?

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