Man Makes Grand Romantic Gesture ... That Might Land Him in Jail

Couples in love often do silly things to express their emotions. It’s one of the great things about being in love -- feeling happy and goofy and like you want to shout it to the world, because people need to know about a love as great as yours. A Florida man recently tried to show his girlfriend that his love for her was sky-high, by releasing balloons to float to the heavens, but now he’s facing potential jail time for the stunt.

Forty-year-old Anthony Brasfield was with his girlfriend in a Motel 6 parking lot on the morning of February 17 when he released 12 heart-shaped balloons in an apparent declaration of affection. What he didn’t know was that a Florida Highway Patrol officer witnessed it too -- and subsequently charged him with an environmental crime.


Apparently the motel is within two miles of a number of endangered species, so the simple act of releasing balloons is considered “polluting to harm animals” under the obscure Florida Air and Water Pollution Control Act. Brasfield faces up to five years in prison if convicted for the third-degree felony.

Although people sometimes do crazy things for love, it’s doubtful that Brasfield intended to spend time behind bars for his lady. And if he did, he probably would’ve made some grander gesture than letting go of some balloons. This whole scenario is ridiculous, and I’m thinking it’s likely that Officer No Love got dumped over Valentine’s Day.

Seriously, how hard would it be to give the couple a warning and inform them of the law? They obviously weren’t intentionally trying to wreak havoc on the environment, and there’s no proof that they even did in this case. They were just trying to share a romantic moment.

Here’s to hoping all ends well for this couple, and someday they’ll have a great story to share at parties. How’s that for a conversation started? “Hey honey, remember that time I almost went to jail for you? Now that’s a good story ...”

Do you think Anthony Brasfield should be convicted of a felony for releasing balloons into the sky?

Image via Cyril Caton/Flickr

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