It’ll Be Raining Dead Mice Soon, Which Is WAYYYY Worse Than Raining Spiders

miceHey, remember that time when it was raining spiders in Brazil? Newsflash! Things are about to get way worse. It's about to pour down dead mice in Guam. Get out your thickest foul weather gear and the strongest umbrella you own because shit's about to get real on this south Pacific island territory.

Only, interestingly enough, this isn't another freak of nature incident. It's actually a freak of the U.S. government. Mmm hmm, we're about to bomb Guam with deceased rodents filled with poison.


There is, however, a valid explanation.

Ever since the U.S. took over Guam after World War II, the pesky, horrible, no-good brown tree snake arrived via a war ship and has never left. The thing's been downright detrimental to the island, killing off almost all of its native bird species, biting humans, and knocking out power when they climb electrical poles.

To say the brown tree snake is a nuisance is an understatement, but finally, it seems, we've come up with a way to curtail their ever growing and ever damaging population.

The U.S. is going to drop hundreds of mice on the island laced with acetaminophen, a drug that's lethal to the snakes, but harmless to humans and most other animals. The dead mice will be dropped with little, tiny floatation devices attached to them, which will ideally be caught in the trees, where the snakes live.

Authorities are worried that if something isn't done soon, the snakes will hop a plane or a boat to Hawaii. Experts believe if they reach the Rainbow State, they'd be just as detrimental there as they are in Guam.

So if you had your bag packed for Guam, I'd postpone your visit until after it stopped raining dead mice, unless, of course, rigor mortis rodents and free over-the-counter pain pills are your thing, then by all means, Guam it up.

Would you be more afraid of it raining spiders or raining mice?


Photo via nick moise/Flickr

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