'Ghost Cruise Ship' Suddenly Appears in the Middle of the Ocean

ghost shipSome things are bound to get lost: Keys; random phone numbers we've scribbled down onto a piece of mail while on the phone; the remote control. But other things -- things like, oh I don't know, cruise ships -- are a bit harder to lose. But it happens apparently. An empty boat that's now been deemed a Russian Ghost Ship has recently turned up off the west coast of Ireland after being lost at sea all by its lonesome for weeks now. How did it get lost? Funny you should ask ...


The ship, The Lyubov Orlova, was being towed from Canada to the Dominican Republic for scrap metal when the tug line broke, casting it off to sea. There have been attempts to secure the boat that have failed in the past, leading people to believe the boat would be lost for good, but ship owner Reza Shoeybi said: "I'm trying my best. I'm talking to a few people in Ireland -- salvage companies -- perhaps to partner up with them and retrieve her." What makes the mission extra tricky is the fact that the ship's GPS is broken, as well.

Hopefully, the boat will eventually be retrieved -- and hopefully no "ghosts" have since decided to take up residence in it -- but I've gotta say: This is slightly disconcerting. Not that I plan on ever taking a leisurely row out into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, buuuut if one did, and they got lost, they're pretty much done. Good god, would that be an awful way to go.

Mother Nature: Overpowering technology (or lack thereof) since the beginning of time. Respect the Queen.

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Image via travels of a monkey/Flickr

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