Emergency Alert Warns Zombie Apocalypse Is Here, for Real!

zombiesPranks are funny. Right? Who doesn't like a good practical joke? Assuming some irritating punk like Ashton Kutcher isn't the one behind the shenanigans. Also, zombies are entertaining. Right? Who doesn't like a good zombie? Assuming you're not actually running through an abandoned jail and the zombies in question aren't a bunch of staggering, slobbering walkers in prison uniforms.

So you'd think a practical joke involving zombies would be, like, as good as it gets ... right? Well, not for some people. Apparently. Who were just trying to watch a trashy talk show like decent folk when they got a very unexpected message from their emergency broadcast system.


Decent regular folk in Great Falls, Montana, were just trying to watch The Steve Wilkos Show on Monday afternoon on KRTV-TV ... when a rather disturbing message from the aforementioned emergency broadcast system alerted them to the fact that "dead bodies are rising from their graves." (In several counties, to be exact.)

Viewers were also warned "not to try and apprehend the dangerous individuals, only to get to shelter and stay safe."

Yikes! The Zombie Apocalypse is here, for realz! Stop watching Steve Wilkos and go hide in your closet!!

Naw, just messin' with ya. Or, more specifically, the as-yet-unidentified hackers who busted into KRTV-TV's system and got the zombie panic started were just messin' with everybody in Great Falls. HA! SO FUNNY! But because some people were scared or something, the network quickly issued this apology:

Someone apparently hacked into the Emergency Alert System and announced on KRTV and the CW that “dead bodies are rising from their graves” in several Montana counties.

This message did not originate from KRTV, and there is no emergency.

Our engineers are investigating to determine what happened and if it affected other media outlets.

Honestly, I'm jealous. Not about watching Steve Wilkos, cause, no thanks. But if I were to be zombie-pranked, I would want to be zombie-pranked like this. Wouldn't you?

Would you be scared if you saw this alert from the emergency broadcast system on your TV?

Image via Eric Ingrum/Flickr

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