7 Crazy Super Bowl 2013 Moments That Made for the Weirdest Game Ever

Joe Flacco Super Bowl MVP There have been some pretty crazy moments in the 47 years of Super Bowl history. But Super Bowl XLVII may just have taken the prize for the craziest game on record. The lights in the Superdome went out in the middle of the game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens, for crying out loud! And did you catch that Ravens player pushing the ref? Or that 108-yard touchdown run?

Nestled in between all those commercials were moments we'll be talking about for days. Just in case you missed 'em, here's what you need to know to keep up with the conversation:


1. Jacoby Jones Makes Super Bowl History. The Baltimore Ravens wide receiver was in his hometown to play in the Super Bowl, and then things got really cool. He caught the opening kickoff of the second quarter and started running. And NO ONE STOPPED HIM! The special teamer made it all the way from one endzone to the other to score a touchdown. The 108-yard run (at first it was being reported as 109 yards but the NFL has confirmed the slightly smaller number) is an NFL postseason record. It also made the Ravens the first team in history to get two Super Bowl kickoff returns for touchdowns.

2. Cary Williams Shoves a Ref. There's no doubt tensions are high during a game, but Baltimore Ravens cornerback Cary Williams got extremely lucky when he lost his composure. Williams shoved a ref right in the chest during a second-quarter brawl, but he was allowed to stay in the game anyway.

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3. Joe Flacco Drops the F-bomb. After public outrage over his use of the r-word prior to the big game, you'd have thought Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco would have learned to be a little more careful with his words. Unfortunately the Super Bowl MVP was caught on camera saying the f-word while celebrating with his teammates.

4. The Superdome Lights Go Out. For 34 minutes during the third quarter, America watched everything BUT an actual football game (or commercials) as the folks in the Superdome struggled to get the lights back on!

5. Ravens Fake a Field Goal. It's never happened in Super Bowl history, but John Harbaugh decided to let his team fake a field goal. Kicker Justin Tucker lined up for the field goal, went through his pre-kick routine, and then ran the ball! He was stopped short by the 49ers special teams, but the Ravens certainly showed chutzpah.

6. The 49ers Make a Comeback ... and Blow It. It was looking like a blow-out with the Ravens leading 28-6 at halftime. Then the lights went out, and the Niners remembered how to play football. With Colin Kaepernick leading the way, they brought the score within two to 31-29. Seventeen points in four minutes! But they just couldn't do it. The Ravens took it 34-31.

7. Coaches Jim and John Harbaugh Say I Love You. It was the first time ever that the two Super Bowl teams were coached by brothers. And that meant the first time we heard the opposing coaches exchanging I love yous after the game. Interestingly, the brothers Harbaugh opted to shake hands rather than hug after John's team took the Lombardi trophy.

What were the Super Bowl moments that had you up on your feet, yelling at the TV?


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