4-Year-Old's Mysterious Death in Amityville Is Extra Creepy Considering Town's Paranormal History

Amityville town center.
A 4-year-old boy was found dead and alone in the Amityville apartment he shared with his 6-year-old sister and two adults who were not their parents. Cops received a 911 call on Wednesday, and when they showed up to the home, the boy was there on the living room couch with visible wounds. The autopsy is being performed tomorrow, but police say he had noticeable signs of trauma. No adults were home when first responders arrived at the rundown complex in Long Island, New York, and police aren't saying who allegedly called 911 since it's an integral part of their investigation.

If you're wondering why "Amityville" sounds so familiar, it was in this town 36 years ago where the Lutz family experienced terrifying paranormal activity in the home they purchased that was previously occupied by Ronald DeFeo, Jr., who shot and killed six members of his family in the same Dutch Colonial.


Those events inspired a series of novels and two films, one in 1979 and one in 2011, and has been the stuff nightmares have been made of ever since.

So the fact that a 4-year-old has been found mysteriously dead without any adults around in the same town in which all this alleged paranormal activity took place is probably a little unsettling to some. Additionally, the 6-year-old sister is reportedly missing. Neither child attended school on Wednesday.

Police have one of the adults who lived at the home in custody, which should hopefully bring about some answers. When initially questioned, this person said the boy had been hurt in an accident.

I don't know about you, but I am very curious about who called 911 and why the authorities aren't releasing their theory. What kind of person would find a 4-year-old dead or dying on a living room couch, call the cops, then bolt? Plus, cops say the call definitely came from inside the home.

It's just not adding up. Maybe police aren't giving any more details about the caller because they're not sure who, or possibly, what dialed 911.

Ghost stories aside, a little boy has been found dead, and I hope whoever is responsible is brought to justice. It's a tragedy all around.

What are your thoughts?


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