Holiday Note From Kind-Hearted Neighbor Includes $50 -- For Nude Women! (PHOTO)

best neighbor everThe holidays are the perfect time to do something nice for others. It really might make their day, their week, their month ... and hey, if you're a savvy Reddit user, it may live in the Internet Do-Gooder Hall of Fame forever. Even if it's something as simple as making a fellow neighbor feel better after a breakup.

That's exactly what happened to Reddit user toonis, who put up a holiday pick-me-up note from his neighbor, and as you can see, it really speaks for itself.

It's sweet and hilariously crass, but the gesture in and of itself hopefully means more to this neighbor than the $50 ... which he may or may not be taking to the strip club later that night.


"I woke up this morning feeling like sh*t. I saw this under my door and it made my day. I wanted to share it with people to show there ARE good people in the world," toonis said on Reddit. And though some users are curious if the whole thing is fake -- who cares? Is it so hard to believe that a neighbor would be kind-hearted enough to first observe a fellow neighbor's girlfriend moving out, then taking five minutes out of his day to write that note and go to the ATM?

And you can be as cynical as you want over the fact that the neighbor gave this broken-hearted guy money to go to a strip club. It may be cliche and a little bit gross, but who knows, perhaps the recipient of the $50 will pay it forward and do something nice with it instead. And maybe what this guy really needs after a traumatizing breakup is a night at the strip club! To each his own ...

This reminds me of the passerby who taped up a car window that was open when it began raining. Or tales of customers leaving their waiters ridiculously huge tips. Let's not forget the dude who handed out $100 bills to Sandy vicitms. There's a lot of goodness in us to go around. Reading about these stories gives you a much-needed boost of hope in humanity.

So, if you open your eyes and take a look at those around you, even if it's a neighbor who's having a bad day, something as simple as writing a note could turn their entire outlook around. As we're getting together with loved ones over the next few days, these kind, touching, loving gestures are definitely something we should all keep in mind in the midst of holiday madness.

Isn't this neighbor the best ever?


Image via Reddit

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