If Snowmen Could Talk: 7 Shocking Secrets From Frosty & Friends

snowmanHappy Winter Solstice! No turning back now, the winter is really and truly here, and you know what that means. (Besides higher heating bills and bundling up belligerent kids and a perpetual runny nose, that is.) Winter means snowmen! Fine, snowpeople. Did you ever wonder what these icy creations would have to say if they could actually talk? Cause Frosty was pretty chatty once he got that magic hat. Granted, he wasn't what I'd call the intellectual type -- but he could carry on a conversation, at least.

I mean, when you look at the expressions on the faces of some snowmen, you just know they would have a heck of a story to tell. And then they shoved a carrot in my face!

Like these 7 frigid fellows ...

Image via bill s/Flickr

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