Guy Spells Girlfriend's Name Wrong When Proposing & 5 Other Embarrassing 'Marry Me' Moments (VIDEO)

One woman isn't marrying her fiance for his genius at spelling. When Loren Lentz decided to propose to his girlfriend, Jody Schaeffer, by using a tractor to plow "Jody will you marry me?" into a field and then taking Schaeffer into a plane to fly above to see the message, he seems to have forgotten one thing: How to spell his girlfriend's name. To be fair, it wasn't so much that he mispelled it, as he wrote the "J" backwards so it looked like "Lody, will you marry me?" Too bad he didn't propose on a smartphone!

Luckily, Lo -- I mean, Jody didn't mind the gaffe and said Les Yes. Loren's mistake is hardly the first proposal snafu we've heard of. Here's 5 other ways to ruin your proposal.


A HUGE string on Reddit is dedicated to proposals that people either witnessed or heard about that went wrong (though not THAT wrong as most of these people ended up married!). Here are some of my favorite LOL-worthy proposals:

- My dad stuck the ring in a stick of deodorant, then told my mom she needed to use it. Small argument ensues when mom tells dad she does not need it.

- I proposed to my wife in Times Square at New Year's Eve (I was going for maximum cheezy!). She was pretty emotional and took a while to believe I was serious (even though I had a ring). This being New York, strangers started shouting at her to "HURRY UP LADY, WHAT'S IT GONNA BE? WE DON'T HAVE ALL NIGHT!"

-I proposed to my wife in Dublin ... After dinner, I decided that the Halfpenny Bridge was about the best place to get the job done. Right in the middle of my proposal, I hear the unmistakable sound of a drunk guy pissing off the bridge not ten feet behind me.

- My best friend just got engaged and when her s.o. proposed they were in a little French deli. She had just put a massive mouthful of pie in her face when she saw he had got down on one knee. She was so shocked she spat the pie out all over herself, all over him, all over everything.

- My ex-husband proposed to me in the shower after picking a fight about elbow macaroni. I went into the shower to calm down and he followed me -- slipped the ring on my finger and asked. How he got the ring in the shower without me noticing was by hiding it under his fat roll. It was his mother's CZ engagement ring from her second marriage. Every day I wish I said 'No.'

Here's the video of the typo-ed marriage proposal. Have you ever seen one go wrong?


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