Drivers on Mysterious Route 5 Report Memory Lapses & ‘Missing Time’ ... OMG, IT’S ALIENS!

blurry highwayLet's do the time warp again!! Or not. That's how people who've experienced the phenomenon of "missing time" while driving down Argentina's Route 5 seem to feel, anyway. How exactly does one "miss" time, you ask? Good question. All we really know is that when drivers "miss time," they go from suddenly feeling extremely disoriented to suddenly realizing that they've driven approximately 20 miles without knowing. No memory, nothing.

We also know that this is an experience usually reported by UFO abductees. Hmmm. And that it's been going on on this particular road in Argentina (a strip between the towns of Lonquimay and Anguil) for 10 years. HMMM!


According to a (translated) local news report:

A similar incident befell a driver some ten years ago in the vicinity of Lonquimay. He stopped at a service station to ask "where he was" as he had no idea how he'd gotten there, although he had envisioned driving along that road. The driver continued his journey in the area in question, feeling disoriented once again. He reached the locality of Toay without knowing how he'd accomplished the trip.

Whoa. That's insane!! And while the skeptics out there are probably tempted to say something like, Oh, it's probably just a long boring road and people doze off while they're driving, that just doesn't make sense -- people would be crashing their cars left and right! Same goes for the, Oh, people probably just drink heavily in that area of Argentina.

It's a serious enough matter for officials to ask that any such "time anomalies" experienced by drivers on Route 5 be reported immediately. So something is definitely up. (Like UFOs, obviously. In the sky, with people beamed up in there.)

Do you think UFO abductions are behind these time anomalies?

Image via acnatta/Flickr

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