50-Foot Rubber Duck Turns River Into World's Biggest Bath Tub (VIDEO)

DuckImagine walking down the street, minding your own business. Maybe you've got a coffee. Maybe you're carrying an umbrella. Normal stuff. But then, out of the corner of your eye, you notice a 50-foot-long bright yellow rubber duckie, floating right down the middle of the river.

That would be a pretty awesome day, and that's the day Londoners had Tuesday when a gaming website kicked off a new campaign by sailing a giant duck down the River Thames. It totally makes me want to hug something.

Why the rubber duck?


The website Jackpotjoy.com said the giant duck was meant to encourage people to laugh more. Which I imagine totally worked. (Can you see it? A 50-foot rubber duckie floating past the Statue of Liberty? Amazeballs.) The site's FUNdation hopes to get behind other wacky ideas that promote fun, too. 

Promoting fun and laughs sounds like a great way to engage the masses and, maybe more importantly, make a lot some random busy people's days.

Check out the once-in-a-lifetime sight for yourself.

Bring on the giant rubber duckies!

What wacky idea would you propose for some fun?


Image via YouTube

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