Magical 'Unicorn Lair' Was Just a Boring Old 'Dragon's Den'

dragonRemember when we told you about that ancient unicorn lair discovered in North Korea last week? Yeah, well, fuggedabout it. Or in another words: Unicorns, schmunicorns -- you actually fell for that crazy story? Personally, I wasn't surprised when I heard that something got lost in translation and, according to "experts," the now-empty "unicorn" dwelling was most likely never inhabited by a unicorn at all.

The real story, as it turns out, is much more plausible: The lair was most likely the home of a four-legged beast known as a kirin or qilin with the body of a deer, the tail of a cow, the head of a dragon (including a big horn), hooves, and a mane.

Unicorns, ha! What kind of fantasy world are you people living in?! It's a disgrace, especially when there are legitimately threatening creatures out there to worry about like, uh, cow-dragons. (And crazy-ass dictators. What, who said that?!)


Still another pathetic attempt to distract North Koreans from their daily misery, if you ask me. Because honestly? Even if we were to suspend disbelief momentarily and say, Sure, why not? That unicorn is a dragon now, well, what the hell difference does it make? Like, what if suddenly the headlines here in the U.S. were all about "George Washington didn't chop down a cherry tree, he chopped down an APPLE tree!" Would that really make any of us feel better about the state of the economy or their own personal debt or the unemployment rate?

Of COURSE not.

Then again, unicorns vs. dragons makes for a slightly more compelling debate than cherry trees vs. apple trees.

Would a story like this one take your mind off more troubling matters?


Image via John/Flickr

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