Man Tries to Find a Girlfriend for Christmas ... on a Billboard

billboardForget Marc Paskin has taken his search for love to new heights. Literally. The millionaire has rented a billboard that reads: "All I Want for Christmas is a Latina Girlfriend" and includes his email address,

Yes, it's more than a little desperate, but the real estate investor, who is worth about $200 million, is serious about finding someone to snuggle up with for the holidays. And it's guaranteed to work!


There are a lot of lonely hearts out there. And though he has narrowed down the pool to Latina woman, I bet he is going to have plenty to choose from. Why? I will give you $200 million reasons why. He's rich and, as shallow as it sounds, rich men are ridiculously attractive -- no matter what they look like.

That's not to say his money will make love last. For a real relationship to blossom, of course there has to be something more there. But Marc has a good heart too. He actually seems like a really good guy. If you are a fan ABC's Secret Millionaire, you may recognize him. He is an impressive philanthropist who has given more than $1 million to the UC San Diego Shiley Eye Center. And he once handed out $125,000 in $10 bills to a crumbling Detroit neighborhood. Nice guy, right?

“When I die, no one will be at my funeral talking about my cash flow or how many properties I own,” he has said. “But they will be talking about my heart, and how I used my success to help others in need. Giving back, helping others -- to me, that is success, not the size of your bank account.” He clearly has a big heart and here's hoping someone grabs it.

Unfortunately for Marc, vandals have already torn his message down. But he has plenty of time to erect a new one. With any luck, he will find the perfect woman to kiss under the mistletoe.

Do you think this billboard will help find Marc Paskin love?

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