Monkey Runs Through Ikea in Stylish Shearling Coat & Cures Our Monday Blues (VIDEO)

ikea monkeySo there was a monkey on the loose at Ikea the other day. A monkey in a chic little shearling coat. Delighted shoppers snapped and posted photos of the monkey as he scampered about a Toronto, Canada Ikea for a little under an hour before animal control captured him. Here's Bronwen Page's photo of Ikea monkey. It's adorable and all, but WTF? I have so many questions.

Who was Ikea monkey's owner? How did it get there? What is animal control doing with him now? Has he eaten? And where did he get that adorable little coat? Is Ikea selling monkeys now? Also, is this a real-life episode of Curious George? Just curious.


Well, apparently Ikea monkey (a macaque) got there the same way most of us get to Ikea -- by car. Witnesses say he was spotted in a crate inside a car, but somehow escaped both, ran through the parking lot, and then into the store. Two people claiming to be the owners have come forward, but they haven't been identified (DOES ONE OF THEM WEAR A YELLOW HAT?!? THE PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW!). I'm sure their story is very interesting. Maybe they were shopping for monkey furniture in the kids' department. Now before we go any farther, you really must see this picture.

ikea monkey

I die! This Ikea monkey portrait is by @dzd_lia via Instagram. And of course there's already an Ikea monkey Twitter account -- two, actually: @IKEAmonkey and @Ikea_Monkey. Please be sure to enjoy the growing collection of Ikea monkey memes, courtesy of BuzzFeed. (I knew we could count on them!)

One last thing: The fate of Ikea monkey hangs in the balance. Apparently it's illegal to own a macaque in Canada, so Ikea monkey will not be returned to its owners and the owners have been fined. Wherever he ends up, I do hope will Ikea monkey gets to keep that fresh shearling jacket.

Should people be allowed to own small but wild animals like Ikea monkey?


Images via @broniewyn/Twitter and @dzd_lisa/Instagram

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