Loaded Gun Found in Frozen Meat & Nobody Knows How It Got There

gunWhen I think about Roswell, New Mexico, I think about alien conspiracies. (I was a big X-Files nerd ...) But the city has other mysteries on offer this week after a grocery store employee found a loaded handgun and ammunition in a box of frozen meat. Police say a worker at an Albertson's grocery store opened the box and found the gun and ammunition on Wednesday, and nobody knows where it came from.

The semi-automatic Rock Island Armory .38 Super handgun and seven rounds of ammunition were found inside a box from the Swift Packing Plant in Greeley, Colorado, but here's what's even weirder. The box was packed on June 8, 2011.


That means the gun and the ammo were sitting in a box of FOOD for 18 months before anyone found them. And they crossed state lines.

Where did the gun come from? Why was it in the box? Why seven bullets? It's a good thing nobody dropped that box because what if it had accidentally gone off and shot someone!

The list of questions and exclamations I have about this is endless. The police said the grocery store workers wiped the gun clean. Why would they do that? Don't they watch Law & Order? They ruined evidence! If there was any.

Also, and perhaps more pressing, why was someone unpacking a box of meat that was packaged last summer??? Is all meat left frozen for that long before it gets to us? That makes me gag a little bit. Old meat. Old meat packing heat. (I couldn't resist.) By the way, the gun was in the same box as the meat, but not actually packaged in the meat, as I first imagined when I saw the headline.

The cops are as baffled as I am. The gun isn't coming up as stolen, and they've entered info about it into a national database to see if it was used in any crimes on record. How it wound up packaged in frozen meat also remains a mystery. Maybe it was left by the aliens.

How do you think the loaded gun wound up in a box of frozen meat? And does anyone know how long frozen meat stays good?


Image via kcdsTM/Flickr

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