Woman's Dead Husband Divorced Her 8 Years Ago -- And She Had No Idea

MoneyIt's hard when you lose your spouse after more than 30 years of marriage. For New York City woman Vivian Pitt Dowers, however, that marriage was a lot shorter than she realized. Eight years shorter. Because her husband had divorced her in 2002 -- and she had no idea.

What's worse, the divorce was going to cut her out of his $44,000 life-insurance payout and his pension. Seventy-five-year-old Vivian Dowers had to get a lawyer to help her fight David's older children to keep the estate of her late supposed-husband. But how could she be divorced and not even know it?


According to the New York Post, someone "close to the case" said that David Dowers may have been intending to run away with a girlfriend. And Vivian says that he at one point "sold a piece of land behind my back." So, he wasn't the most upstanding of husbands. He filed for divorce in 2002, claiming she'd abandoned him and moved out because of their financial problems. But the address he gave, lawyers proved this year, was a fake. What the hell?

Why would someone do such a thing? Was it all about the money? Did his kids somehow convince him to do it so that they could inherit his pension and life-insurance money? I wonder. It's enough money that people would do dirty things for it. And Vivian wasn't their mother -- they were born before the couple married. Who knows what kind of loyalty they felt to her.

David Dowers clearly didn't run away with a girlfriend. He lived with Vivian until his death in February 2011. The whole thing is bizarre and tragic and must have been like a punch in the gut.

Imagine, 30 years down the line, you discover that your husband divorced and disowned you EIGHT YEARS AGO. And then continued to live with you, count on you, and let you care for him. All the while knowing that once he was gone, he'd leave you with nothing. The only word that comes to mind is ... well, there are several, and none of them too nice.

Do you think the kids convinced David Dowers to divorce his wife so that they could inherit his estate?


Image via AMagill/Flickr

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