UFO in Denver Confirmed, Indeed, to Be a UFO (VIDEO)

ufoAll right, people, prepare to be dazzled. A Fox News affiliate in Denver has confirmed, confirmed!, that there's a UFO in the area. That's right. A news channel has gone out on a limb and has authenticated that there's something flying around up there that they can't identify. Thanks, Fox News!

Anywhoosle, a man who's chosen to remain anonymous (therefore validating all assumptions that he's a Steve Buscemi lookalike who's convinced that the government is out to get him) caught the inexplicable UFO on camera and folks have some pret-ty awesome theories about it.


First of all, a former commercial pilot says he has no idea what it is. He explains, "It's not an airplane, it's not a helicopter, it's not birds ... it's the definition of an unidentified flying object."

Thanks, Einstein.

The UFO launches and lands in the Denver area a couple of times a week around lunchtime, and naturally, civilians and UFO buffs alike are very interested in what the heck is going on.

The FAA and NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command), on the other hand, say they have no idea what people are talking about -- both organizations released statements saying they haven't noticed anything unusual in the sky about the Mile High city.


I'm not sure what to make of it. If it's not a bird, not a plane, not an insect, then who knows, maybe it is aliens, or a new government drone, or a Canadian spy plane ... or maybe it's angel poop.

Whatever it is, as Fox has so staunchly confirmed, it's most certainly unidentified.

Check it out -- what do you make of this video? Thoughts on what it could be?

Photo via kdvr.com

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