Single Mom of 5 Gets a Scare When She Finds Crazy Ex-Boyfriend Living in Attic (VIDEO)

atticHis living space.Unfortunately, the world is full of terrible ex-boyfriends. There was one who advertised a sex party at his ex-girlfriend's home, there was one who dressed up like a masked burglar to scare his lady friend, and there may have been one who tattooed a stinking pile of poo on his ex-girlfriend's back. Now there's a story of a man sneaking into his ex's attic and living there for two weeks.

Tracy, a single mother of five, was in bed when she heard the bing! bing! bing! of the nails loosening in the ceiling above her head and thought there must be an animal in the attic. She sent her eldest son and her nephew to investigate, and what they found shocked everyone. Tracy's ex-boyfriend, whom she broke up with 12 years ago, was living in the attic inside the heating unit. But that's not all they found.


Cups full of urine and feces were also up there, proving the man had been using a makeshift bathroom in his heating unit home.

The kicker? Police knew that he hadn't been there for more than two weeks, because before that, he was in jail, serving time for, among other things, stealing Tracy's car.

Oh, the second kicker? He's still on the loose. Once the son and nephew found him, he bolted. And then when Tracy saw him recently in the neighborhood and called the cops, they talked to him, then he ran away, again. If this guy stops breaking into people's attics and stealing cars, he might have a career as an Olympic sprinter or something. Damn. Give this dude a new pair of shoes and a track and see if he can't use his evil powers for good.

Even though this story is truly absurd, I feel really bad for Tracy. She seems like a bright woman who's just as confused by all of this as we are.

When an ex breaks into your house and makes himself comfy in your attic, you gotta wonder about your taste in men. That said, Tracy's eager to get this guy behind bars, again, because she and her children are terrified, for good reason.

Now if only they could catch this fast-ass mother trucker.

Is this the worst ex-boyfriend story you've ever heard?


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