Woman Bites Boyfriend Because She’s Hungry for Attention

Biting womanSometimes enough is just enough and sometimes men will just make you act all out of character. Maybe that’s why a Florida woman apparently so put out with her man’s skirt-watching and excessive video game playing allegedly hauled off and bit him in his chest during a domestic altercation. I guess she was fed up.

Get it? Fed?! Because she bit him? Never mind. 


The couple had been living together in a Fort Walton Beach apartment for about six months when, according to the victim, his infuriated girlfriend started yelling at him and throwing things around the house. She then charged him and, when he grabbed her wrists to restrain her from hitting him, she leaned in and chewed a chunk of his chest, right near his arm pit.

The fuzz was called to the scene and naturally, the biting bandit was arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery.

If what he says is true, homegirl must’ve been repressing some serious frustration—like six months’ worth—to just snap out and start wailing on dude for something he’s probably been doing every day since they hooked up. We can only hope that one of them moves out or she gets herself a Groupon for some anger management classes, because chances of him changing his ways are slim. Frustrating as it may be, checking out chicks and playing ridiculous amounts of Xbox and/or PlayStation are pretty much fire-inscribed into the Male Manual of Behavioral Pastimes.

Still, that’s no reason for her to hit. Now that the law is involved, we’ll see if the case has any teeth to it. (Insert rimshot and Ed McMahon-esque guffaw.) OK, I’m done, I promise.

Is it more insulting for your boyfriend to ignore you for a pretty girl or a video game?

Image via xJason.Rogersx/Flickr

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