Wife, Understandably, Doesn't Find Husband's Terrifying 'Car Accident' Prank Funny (VIDEOS)

truck prankOkay, so when I first saw this video, I admit, I chuckled. Despite its semi-meanness, it's a pretty unique prank. But then I started wondering just how funny I'd find it if I was on the receiving end of such a joke. Being woken up to fear-filled screams and a gigantic truck coming at you, head-on, doesn't seem like it'd be particularly amusing. But I do love me a good prank.

Confused by what the hell I'm talking about? Just watch this 30-second video of a husband playing a funny?/mean?/terrifying?/ingenious? prank on his wife, and then we'll discuss.


What was your reaction? Did you laugh? Were you outraged? How would you feel if your partner did this to you? I think eventually (maybe years down the road?) I'd find it funny, but at first, I think my knee-jerk reaction would be to be pretty pissed. Nobody wants to be jolted out of a dead sleep and told they're gonna die, right? (Sidebar, maybe next time, attempt this prank when there's not a child in the car. No, that part is definitely not funny.)

But! This video lends itself to a bigger discussion. At least in my low-brow world it does. Pranks in relationships. Are you for them or against them? Like I said, I love a good prank, particularly when it's done by my husband, so I'm all about it. It's kind of like a cute way of flirting. And in a way, pranks are sort of personal. Like, you have to really know someone to prank them; you have to know what would freak them out or get under their skin.

So, whether you're for them or against them, here's a virtual hat tip to pranks in relationships. Some funny, some completely idiotic. Check it:

I think we've all seen this one before, haven't we?

Here, a wife pranks her husband by putting Pop Rocks in his mouth while he's asleep. Amusing.

And here's an example of a not-funny prank. I would definitely be pissed by this. (Caution: Language in this one!)

I actually have a soft spot for this prank, as my father once did this to my mother. Maybe lose the kid next time, though.

Pranks amongst lovers. Discuss.


Image via TheMannyChannel/YouTube

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