Jealous Guy Allegedly Attacks Girlfriend With Wasabi

wasabiWith all the technology we have -- literally -- at our fingertips, here's a really fine line when it comes to cheating these days. But you don't have to be Tiger Woods to get a text message from someone else that sends your partner into a jealous rage.

That's seemingly what happened in Cape Cod recently when a 22-year-old guy named John McGuinness found out his girlfriend had received a text from a male friend. He called her and told her he was about to throw out an expensive pair of her jeans. Dismayed, the girlfriend rushed to his house, and McGuiness allegedly proceeded to shove the jeans -- doused with wasabi sauce -- in her face!

Nope, you can't make a story like this up!


He then poured wasabi all over her car. (I guess it wasn't the Play-Doh like stuff you get with sushi, then?)

McGuinness has since been arrested and charged with, among other things, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. Yeesh! Who knew wasabi could be classified as a "dangerous weapon"? I'm not surprised though -- some of those concoctions are seriously spicy. Hopefully, the girlfriend's vision is okay!

And hopefully, McGuinness is questioning his actions in retrospect. Jealousy can make us fly into a blind rage (no pun intended!). It's one of those emotions we feel, and we can barely think straight. So it's no wonder the guy allegedly did something so incredibly wacky and extreme. But oooh, boy -- is he paying for it now!

Sure, to say it's better to talk it out than freak out is easier said than done, but if your actions could not only obliterate your relationship but also land you in jail, taking a deep breath and taking a step back before striking your sweetie with wasabi sauce might be a good idea.

Has jealousy ever caused you or a loved one to do something crazy like this?


Image via Steven Depolo/Flickr

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