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    Once you're engaged and begin planning the wedding, you'll hear marriage advice from every last person you know. Mom and dad (and the future in-laws), that long-lost aunt, and your already married friend will each lend their sage pieces of wisdom. But let's face it, sometimes the best advice will come from the most unexpected source. Like maybe a 10-year-old? It worked that way for one teacher, who got the best marriage advice ever from a fifth-grade student.

    Miss Rickus and Officer Mike were married over the weekend, according to one Reddit user who posted the picture, and little Ethan set them up with the best rules to follow for a rockin' marriage. Check it out:

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    Two days into our family road trip vacation, I realized something: being with kids is far more enjoyable without the distractions and responsibilities of everyday life. Without housecleaning, grocery shopping, work deadlines, or school schedules, things are just ... calmer. Less grating. Richer and sweeter.

    Duh, right? Of course everything's better when you're on vacation. But after nine days of driving around Oregon, staying in everything from luxurious ranch cabins to a $50 bare-bones motel room in the middle of nowhere, I feel like I got a much-needed parenting reboot that just might help get me through the rest of the summer -- plus some lessons in how I can bring some of that vacation magic into our regular life.

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    As a supermodel, Heidi Klum has access to every fashion designer -- every trend, every article of clothing -- that her beautiful heart desires. Naturally, we expect the fashionable mom of four to pass along her wardrobe and natural sense of style to her two lucky daughters, Lou Samuel and Leni Samuel.

    We just didn't think her girls would be rocking full-grown adult woman footwear so soon. Lou and Leni are just 4 and 10, respectively, and were spotted leaving a restaurant with Klum wearing high heels that might seem a tad inappropriate to some moms.

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    Annabelle Earl is a 4-year-old who knows what she wants. And what she wants is to be YOUR flower girl (well, anyone's flower girl, I should say). The adorable Brooklyn tot made two wishes when her mom, Kim, brought her to visit Yoko Ono's "Wishing Tree" in Washington, D.C., in April. The first was for a pet rainbow unicorn -- who wouldn't want one of those? -- but when her mom broke the news that unicorns don't exist, she went to Plan B: Annabelle just wanted to be a flower girl at someone's wedding.

    Amazingly awesome mommy that she is, Kim came up with a genius way to make her daughter's dream come true.

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    No matter how much of an angel your child is, there is going to come a day when you're out shopping with her and she decides to go bananas in a store and knock every bottle of shampoo off the counter. There will be no warning; not even a split second for you to cut the serpent by its head before it attacks. You'll be left with a floor filled with shampoo bottles, a child in the middle of having a wicked tantrum, and no other choice than to dole out a punishment -- pronto.

    If when this happens to you, whatever you decide to do, DO NOT do what two parents in New Mexico did to their 5-year-old while at a Home Depot: locking her in their hot truck unattended for ONE HOUR while they went shopping.

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    If you are a parent and you have a computer, I'm sure you've seen the article titled "6 Words You Should Say Today." Sometimes it's shared under different titles: "The Only 6 Words Parents Need to Say to Their Kids," "This Is the Only Parenting Tip You'll Ever Need," "6 Words You MUST Say to Your Children or You're Literally the Worst and Should Go to Jail," etc. The gist of it is that saying "I love to watch you play" is the best thing you can say to your child when they're doing an activity like sports or playing a game -- much more powerful than praising or criticizing their performance.

    Here's the problem with that oh-so-viral command: what if you do NOT love watching them play, not at all, not even a little bit? What if watching them play is so insanely boring, it makes your brain feel like it's liquifying and is on the verge of erupting from your eye sockets in a wall-splattering fountain of grayish-red gore?

    Because that, friends, is exactly how I feel about Minecraft.

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    I would have given my left arm as a kid to get a gift like this one from my parents. The best dad in the world secretly bought tickets to Disney World for his two young children and came up with a creative way to break the happy news to them. He strapped them into a car early one morning, presented them with two separate gift bags, and instructed them to rummage through the bags for clues as to where they were going. What a fun dad!

    The man's adorable daughter was able to piece the mystery together rather quickly. Her exact words when she realized what dad had planned: "Disney World ... Ahhhhhh!!!" Now, that's every parent's dream reaction. His son Gavin didn't exactly share her enthusiasm. The tot had a total meltdown at the thought of Disney -- and dad caught the whole thing on video.

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    Ever wanted to know where your children are during every single possible second during the day? Well, rejoice, helicopter parents, because LG has the perfect product for you. The new LG KizON will let parents literally track their children via their own smartphones.

    In a cross between a children's cell phone and a prison tracking anklet, the WiFi and GPS-enabled device attaches like a bracelet to a child's wrist and send signals directly to the parents' smartphones. With one button, kids can call their parents and speak directly through the device. Parents can also place phone calls directly to the gadget, but there is a catch. If kids don't answer the call within 10 seconds, parents can listen in through the tracker's built-in microphone.

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    During each day there are times when I feel enormously lucky, deeply content. I smile indulgently at my children and answer their every question with my full attention: "What is my favorite swimming animal? Oh, I'd have to say the otter." I make bright suggestions: gosh, does it seem like a good time of day for some ice cream? I am beatifically rooted in the exact moment and in no rush for the next one to come along. Namaste, motherfuckers.

    Then there are the times when I'm practically crawling out of my own skin, restless and stupendously bored, not a single ounce of patience or a gentle motherly smile left in me. I've got that Grinch monologue stuck in my head: And then ... all the noise!  All the noise, noise, noise, noise! If there's one thing I hate ... all the noise, noise, noise, noise!

    Summer break, man. This is hard.

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    When you drop your children off at the school bus stop in the morning, you expect to meet them there in the afternoon. Unfortunately, in a scary story coming out of Palm Beach, Florida, parents were shocked and terrified when their 9-year-olds did not return from summer school at the designated stop and time. It turns out that the bus driver dropped off little Aleece Gonzalez and her friend on a busy road and drove off.

    The girls ended up at a gas station while their parents were calling police to report their missing kids.

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