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    I still clearly remember those moments when I was 7 years old, and Dad would let me drive his car. Granted, it was in the driveway and he'd be pushing the pedals. My "driving" was limited to holding onto the wheel and maybe lying on the horn for far too long. But one dad in Colorado has recently posted a video of himself and his 6-year-old kid taking a joyride on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

    It all seems somewhat fine and dandy (the child is sitting in front of the driver though, which is a big no-no) until the dad suddenly takes his hands off the handlebars and instructs his son to take over. Watch this:

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    The other day my daughter and I were at our local Target. Since I was shopping with an 8-year-old, we spent the majority of our time browsing the toy aisles. We passed LEGO, Barbies, soft Minecraft swords, My Little Pony figurines, and then we saw something that stopped us in our tracks -- the Moxie Girlz Poopsy Pet with a unicorn that actually poops rainbows. Yes, rainbows.

    There are also versions where the Poopsy Pet poops glitter or jewels. I don't know about you, but that seems like one of the weirdest toy concepts EVER.

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    Explaining holidays to kids can be a tricky business, particularly when you're trying to balance spiritual customs and childhood mythology. It's not always easy to help guide your children toward a meaningful holiday observance while also attempting to make sense of the fact that there's a guy in a giant creepy bunny suit at the mall and he wants little kids to sit on his lap, right?

    I found eight moms who admit they accidentally wrecked their kid's Easter, thanks to some good intentions -- and some very bad mishaps and misunderstandings. If you've ever created more holiday confusion than celebration for your own kids, take solace from these hilarious/cringe-worthy stories of Easter traditions gone wrong.

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    It's a gloriously summer-feeling spring evening and the setting sun has filled the street with golden light. There are five -- no, six, seven? I can't keep count, they're moving too quickly -- little boys playing in the quiet suburban neighborhood. Basketballs fly back and forth, squirt guns are deployed, somebody has a double-bladed plastic lightsaber and is making that bszzzzew, bszzzzew sound. My 8-year-old runs by with a neighbor boy, my 6-year-old is giggling with his younger cousin. They're filled with so much electric joy, it's pouring off them in visible waves.

    I'm sitting with the adults, watching this scene unfold. It's a suburban dream: kids playing, grownups chatting, everyone just a few steps from their own home. I'm thinking about our own neighborhood, and how it's nothing like this.

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    Meeting the Easter Bunny is a rite of passage! Just like meeting Santa. Each year, little kids get so excited to go and visit everybody's favorite egg- and candy-giving magical bunny. But let's admit it, when it comes to meeting the Bun for the first time, there's a little bit of a learning curve.

    Sure, he's cute and fluffy when he's in the pages of a book, but when you meet him in the flesh and he turns out to be five times your size and wearing a slightly, uh, frozen expression, it's natural to get slightly nervous ... or just have a total meltdown

    We've rounded up some of our favorite Baby-Meets-Bunny moments from the web. 'Tis the season to chuckle affably at these great kids and marvel at their worry, disdain, and bemusement upon meeting this magical rabbit. We hop, I mean HOPE it brings you as many chortles as it did us!


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    How far would your child go to get out of going to school? One third grader in Florida allegedly stole his mother's car to avoid going to school for the day.

    Authorities have charged the 9-year-old with aggravated assault and grand theft auto after he threw a brick at his mother and grandmother and stole his mother's car keys. He managed to drive the car for 45 minutes before police were able to pull him over.

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    There are three things parents hate hearing from the back seat during a road trip. 1. Are we there yet? 2. I have to pee NOW. And 3. I'm hungry. I can't help you with the first two, but if you're looking for snacks, I've got some ideas for you. And they're all pretty healthy! Healthy but tasty. Your kids will love munching away on these road tripping snacks so much they won't even notice they're actually kind of good for them.

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    Tyrese Gibson, the macho R&B singer-songwriter and star of the Fast and Furious series, has officially melted our hearts, courtesy of one adorable at-home daddy-daughter video

    In a clip that he captioned, "Self confidence starts at home... #DaddyDaughter  #SelfLoveDrill," Gibson and his 6-year-old daughter Shayla practice self-confidence and composure. In his drill sergeant stance and marches (anyone else getting minor flashbacks to Annapolis?), Gibson has his daughter repeat: "I am great. I am amazing. I am significant. I am smart. I am beautiful. I am special."

    What a beautiful lesson to learn, especially for a young girl from her father. He and Shayla go on:

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    Do you watch Shark Tank, the show where entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to a panel of potential investors? My husband and I are borderline obsessed with it; I can't think of another show that feels so interactive in terms of causing us to repeatedly pause the TV so we can hash out our opinions of any given deal ("Ugh, royalty in perpetuity? Classic Mr. Wonderful" "Oh what a complete surprise, Robert's out, who could have seen this coming?").

    I like assessing the products I see on the show, but I can't help noticing that out of all the various parenting-focused products that have cropped up lately, none of them truly address MY needs. In fact, it seems like for every day-to-day parenting challenge I face, someone out there has invented a solution ... that doesn't even remotely solve the problem.

    Here's what I'm talking about:

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    The children of American soldiers who are stationed in Rota, Spain, were brought to a movie theater for a matinee performance. The real show, however, was the one they put on before the movie even started.

    At the beginning of the screening, the theater played the National Anthem. Then, without being prompted or asked, all 40 kids stood with their hands on their hearts and belted out the song.

    "It gives you chills to see patriotism like this displayed in youth at such a young age," wrote Hannah Kunze, the manager at the school program at the naval station. And no kidding! One by one, the kids -- ages 5 through 12 -- joined in and sang louder and louder. 

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