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    After writing a recent post on things I'd never know if I weren't a Gen Xer, I came to realize that I'm some kind of Generation X genius. I mean, I could be the "Rain Man" of the Gen X set. Seriously, throw some quotes on the floor, I'll tell you who said them. OK, that test may not work as well as it does with toothpicks in the movie.

    But I now see that I'm somewhat stuck in the '80s, and I kinda like it there. So I thought I'd share some of the most random stuff I remember as a Gen X poster child.

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    Let's say you've got a kid -- or know a kid -- who looooooves video games. (I know, don't they all?) That's cool, but it makes buying holiday gifts something of a challenge: There are only so many must-have video games on the shelves, after all. What ELSE can you give a video game-obsessed kid ... besides, well, video games?

    Luckily there are lots of options out there, from actual video game accessories to video game-inspired t-shirts to gadgets that aren't games but are still techy enough to satisfy the digital beast.

    Here are a few of our favorites:

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    Gender issues weren't really a concern when I played Zelda back in the day. Link, the main character in the classic Nintendo game, was just a blob on the screen with a sword and a shield -- Link was more an "it" than a "he" or a "she." But these days, with all dem der fancy technological advances, it's evident on the new Zelda games (as I'm learning) that Link is a boy. He's a he, and one dad isn't thrilled about.

    After Mike Hoye tried fruitlessly to change the pronouns on the screen from male to female to help his daughter visualize herself as the heroic Link, he did what only awesome, feminist dads would do: he hacked into Zelda and made Link a girl.

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    Forget board game night, guys -- it's all about video game night nowadays, and it's the perfect way to bring the family together for serious fun. Why? It's cheaper than a night out at the movies or the arcade, less boring than watching a DVD or movie on cable, and everybody gets to wear their pajamas

    Maybe your family is planning its very first video game night -- maybe your group has been gaming together since Super Mario was the Big Cheese. Either way, here are some great tips for a most excellent evening:

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    There's nothing like getting outside and getting active with your kids in the summer. Not to mention that the London games have the whole world more motivated than usual!

    You can't beat this time of year for playing almost any sport (maybe with the exception of ice hockey!). But as we near the hottest days, it seems like stormy days are more inevitable, forcing us to stay inside. Boo! But have no fear! The kids can still get their athletic spirit on indoors! Here, seven sports you can all still play on a rainy day thanks to the magic of video games ...

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    So, you thought your kid being a sloth and lying around in his room all day meant he was leaving you alone, so you'd leave him alone? You were wrong. Because an 18-year-old boy is dead, and the doctors say it's because of his marathon gaming session.

    Parents, listen up. This is not one of those "OMG, video games are screwing up your kid because they don't have the common sense to tell cartoon violence from real" kind of stories. This isn't even one of those "OMG, your kid is never going to have a social life if they sit in front of the Xbox all day" kind of stories. The story of how playing video games could kill your teenager is actually worth heeding.

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    Being a good sport doesn't come naturally. But the sound of a kid whining, "No fair, no fair, no fair" is the bratty child equivalent of nails on a chalkboard. Add in a video game console, and a kid at the next table in the restaurant who doesn't know how to lose gracefully, and all my good humor goes right out the window.

    Video games are supposed to be fun. Yeah, yeah, the scientists have found behavior benefits to gaming over the years, and you can get your kids some educational games. But the real point of sitting there smashing on some keys with your fingers is for pleasure, right? So maybe it's time you taught your kid about losing gracefully so they can get back to actually having some fun?

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    Video games have been blamed for doing all sorts of harm to kids ever since they were invented (video games, that is -- not kids).

    But how much of the hype is really true?

    Not much, as it turns out.

    Here's what we learned when we took a look at 5 of the biggest myths surrounding video games and the supposedly horrible things they can do to kids.

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    Want to get your kid off the couch and into a sport? Here's an idea you probably haven't tried: buy them a video game. Well, not just any video game. A sports video game.

    Oh come on, stop rolling your eyes! Even science agrees that playing sports video games can totally improve your kid's skill on the field.

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  • Mom Moment

    5 Ways Video Games Keep Parents Sane

    posted by Jeanne Sager April 1, 2012 at 10:00 AM in Big Kid
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    When you marry a video gamer, you realize you will probably raise video gaming kids. It's inevitable. What you don't realize?

    One day you will realize that those video game consoles taking up space underneath your TV are the best friends you can always count on. Learn to use them wisely, and those gadgets and gizmos can make you a saner,  nicer, kinder parent. Seriously. Just look at the evidence:

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