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    Uh-oh. A new toy on the market has some parents all bent out of shape, all because it's anatomically correct, which is, you know -- scandalous!

    The Toys R' Us doll has a penis and is part of the You & Me Mommy Change My Diaper doll collection. And since the thing went on sale, Facebook has been blowing up with comments from parents who are deeming the doll to be "inappropriate" and "unnecessary."

    Did I mention it also cries when its underpants are wet?

    Yep. This thing is just about as realistic as plastic babies can possibly get.

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    As if they weren't already annoying enough for parents to deal with, a mom in the U.K. is claiming that her child's Furby taught her kids to swear -- by saying the words, "Fu** You."

    Louise Wilkinson admits being shocked after hearing the toy drop an f-bomb. She says while it was only one of the Furbies in the house with a potty mouth, she wound up taking all of them away from her three children so no one's feelings would be hurt.

    Here's a clip of the supposed "Fu** You" Furby. Have a listen and see if you think it sounds like the little bugger is swearing like a sailor.

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    The other day my daughter and I were at our local Target. Since I was shopping with an 8-year-old, we spent the majority of our time browsing the toy aisles. We passed LEGO, Barbies, soft Minecraft swords, My Little Pony figurines, and then we saw something that stopped us in our tracks -- the Moxie Girlz Poopsy Pet with a unicorn that actually poops rainbows. Yes, rainbows.

    There are also versions where the Poopsy Pet poops glitter or jewels. I don't know about you, but that seems like one of the weirdest toy concepts EVER.

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    Dear Barbie,

    It's been another rough week for you, hasn't it? Somebody left your scantily clad body at the top of the stairs, and you had to be rescued from the slobbery jaws of the dog. And then to top it all off, a bunch of scientists came out with another dubious claim that you are destroying little girls' chances at making something of themselves one teeny weeny waist at a time.

    In a study published in the journal Sex Roles, researchers Aurora M. Sherman and Eileen L. Zurbriggen have issued forth the brazen claim that you, oh plastic one, you are responsible for teaching girls that they have fewer career options than boys.

    They based this assumption, dear Barbie -- or do your friends call you Babs? -- on interviews with 37 girls ages 4 through 7.

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    It all started last December 24. My then 5-year-old suddenly realized that Pixel, our beloved Elf on the Shelf®, was going to be hitching a ride on Santa's Sleigh and heading back to the North Pole. For reasons that probably involved the fact that it was her first Christmas since her parents split up, little sister lost her damn mind over the imminent departure of our pointy-hatted little friend.

    Not even the notion that Santa was coming could calm her down at 11 p.m. on Christmas Eve. Not even her big sister saying she could sleep in her room with her that night could stop the flow of tears, so you know she was having a very serious case of the sads.

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    Got some pain relievers? Grab them, because this story is bound to give you a headache. A school in North Carolina is getting a lot of heat right now after telling a 9-year-old boy that he can't bring his My Little Pony lunchbag to school anymore.

    What's so wrong with Rarity and Rainbow Dash that a school would ban the ponies? Well, it turns out Grayson Bruce was being bullied over his bag.

    Way to punish the victim, Buncombe County Schools?

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    I wrote something on Twitter a while back about being glad I was the parent of boys because it meant I didn't have to have anything to do with that Rainbow Loom bracelet-weaving crapola. People didn't waste any time correcting me: it seems the Loom is embraced by plenty of boys. Plus, but as one of my friends explained it to me, "Imagine an 8-year-old, awake but silent for hours at a time -- at only the cost of some rubber bands. This is the power of the Rainbow Loom." Touché.

    I was wrong in assuming that loom-ing was mostly a girls-only activity, so let me rephrase: my own boys have zero interest in making rubber jewelry, and that's more than fine by me.

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    When Barbie -- the iconic doll that debuted in 1959 -- celebrates her 55th birthday on March 9, a lot of us will be cheering about something else: The creation of a "normal Barbie," aka Lammily. Last summer, artist and researcher Nickolay Lamm showed us what a doll based on measurements of an average 19-year-old woman would look like. Today, that digital fantasy is actually ready for production. And in just the past few days, since debuting his project, Lamm has raised $236,231 to cover the costs of tooling, molding, and to meet the manufacturer's minimum order quantity. In turn, it's looking like a beautiful, "average"-looking doll is actually going to be available for girls to purchase! Amazing!

    Still, we can't help but have some Qs for the man behind the doll. Nickolay spoke with us about his motivation for making Lammily, what the reaction has been so far, and more ...

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    Moms, let's face it; buying toys for your kids is not as much fun as it should be. You have to worry about lead and toxins and what is all that plastic doing to the environment?!

    Answer: it's slowly, but surely, destroying it. So we'd love to do anything to do our part and help save this pretty green planet. Starting with the toys we hand the kids.

    And good news, Mom. The toy industry is finally listening! 

    We checked out this year's American International Toy Fair, and they've gone green.

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    Tech updates are all the rage right now, so it's no surprise that some of the hottest new toys on display at the 2014 Toy Fair feature smartphone and tablet capabilities. So instead of grumbling that technology has destroyed playtime, or that kid-friendly gadgets are harmful, let's embrace the new developments that will make everyone's lives so much easier.

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