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    Let's be honest -- as much fun as it can be to take a road trip with the kids (after you arrive at your destination, of course), odds are good one or more of your little ones will break down at some point during the trip out of boredom or pure annoyance.

    And since listening to whining, crying, and carrying on in general is just about the most deafening sound a parent can hear in the car -- it's imperative for you to make sure to bring along a road trip survival kit of sorts to prevent your kiddo from ever reaching the point of no return.

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    I recently realized just how much I miss being a child during the summer ... and how lucky my kid is to still BE one. You don't have to be a little kid to love the summer months, but it doesn't hurt. The days and weeks spread before them, full of fun to be had.

    And it's up to us parents to make sure they have it all. Remember the incredible memories you made as a kid getting up to hijinks during the summer? Don't you want your child to have those memories too?

    If your child hasn't done at least a few things on this list, it's time to get cracking:

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    Swim Diapers or No Swim Diapers?

    posted by Sarah Bernard July 26, 2013 at 3:37 PM in Toddler
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    When my twin daughters were 4 months old, a friend gave us these amazing one-piece bathing suits covered in hot pink sparkles.

    I couldn't wait to get the girls in them. They looked awesome with the sparkles highlighting their little bellies.

    Then I remembered ... swim diapers!

    I couldn't exactly put infants in warm pool water without them. Clearly, they could not be trusted to not pee. But when I slipped the suits on them again and the high-cut sides revealed Nemo-covered diaper instead of chubby legs, well, the look was not the same.

    Honestly, I don't think we ever wore them. Swim diapers and sun screen were hassle enough. Not long after, we visited a friend's pool and I was surprised to see they kept it even more minimal.

    Their kids' swimsuit repertoire? Nothing at all.

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    We just returned from our annual pilgrimage to Holiday World, an amusement park in Santa Claus, Indiana. And yes. It was every bit as weird and wonderful as it sounds.

    Each time we go, we learn something new about how to make our experience better the next time around. And you know I'm not going to keep that information to myself. I went to a true expert to learn 10 secrets that will make your next family amusement park trip even better.

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    There comes a time every summer when bored kids start to get a little fidgety. The heat is kicking in, they start to bicker more, and those dreaded two words are uttered repeatedly, "We're bored!"

    Luckily for them, I happen to get all my great ideas from Pinterest and I saw that noodle race tracks are all the rage for bored kids. I loved the idea of the noodle race tracks because we already had pool noodles, both boys and girls could have fun with this activity, and most importantly, it was an inexpensive craft!

    But would it really work?

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    The death of our dishwasher also marked the death of a summer vacation for my family. We won't be going anywhere this summer because we just can't afford it. At least, my husband and I won't be going anywhere. We're sending our child on her own vacation.

    It's something we've talked about doing a few times over the years but somehow never got off the ground. But now that she's 8 years old, we've decided it's time.

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    This post needs to be filed in the crevices of my mind where repressed memories are stored and then covered up by something to obsess about, like my cellulite, or the wrinkles on my face that multiply faster then the Duggar family.

    Maybe I could slide this memory somewhere between my talent show version of Gonna Dress You up In My Love and my entire 7th grade year.  Well, here goes...

    Recently at a baseball game, a mom friend and I were having a bout of witty banter that went terribly horribly irrefutably awry...

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    I love the beach ... in theory. That ocean smell, the beauty, the happy sounds of children playing, a trashy novel, and a cold drink ... ahhh. Alas, while a day at the beach is one of the most thrilling things a kid can imagine (and a week's vacation there is pure nirvana!) ... it's not always all fun and games for us parents. If "beach" to you also conjures up visions of roasting in the sun, schlepping millions of pounds of STUFF across the dunes, and fending off hot, sticky sand from everything and everywhere, fear not. There are some great ways to cut back on the muss and fuss so you can concentrate on getting your husband to build sandcastles with the kids while you finish your book. (Ha!)

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    Summer vacation has officially started for every single kid I know. Plenty of late nights in the backyard, firefly catching, and of course, playdates stretch out in front of us. Today's version of "playing with the neighborhood kids" is something we parents feel required to plan to "keep the kids connected." Our parents threw us outside to play early on a summer morning and didn't expect us back until supper. We plan out get-togethers with their buddies, complete with games and meals.

    Don't get me wrong. I love me some playdates. They are a perfect way to ward off the dreaded "I'm bored" that comes from kids who've become accustomed to a teacher telling them what to do all day long.

    But as every parent knows, not all playdates are created equal.

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    When I say I hate summer vacation, I expect the sanctimommies to pile on and tell me I'm a bad mom for not loving the chance to spend time with my daughter. It's not true. I DO  love having my daughter around because, believe it or not, I miss the little rugrat when she's in school. I just hate that summer break is so darned expensive!

    I thought it was just me. Until I saw an analysis of the true cost of summer break for American parents. Did you know we're spending $16.6 billion every summer? BILLION!

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