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    Some parents in Missouri are outraged over a sex ed book the Francis Howell School District's middle school has made available to students in ebook form. Entitled It's Perfectly Normal, the book aims to address changing bodies, growing up, sex, and sexual health, and is meant for kids 10 years and up. But some parents are alarmed by the book's "graphic" cartoon drawings of naked people and others involved in sexual acts and are calling for it to be removed.

    Thankfully, it seems like the school district is holding its ground, explaining that "it was determined to keep the ebook available as a resource for check-out in the library. If a parent determines that he/she does not want to their child to have access to certain materials, we honor that request." Sounds like the perfect response.

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    Remember date night? For some parents, it is but a faint memory -- something about changing out of your yoga pants and going out somewhere in public together, just the two of you. Who knows, fun could be had! And I'll let you in on a little secret: Your kids are probably dying to send you off on a date. Seriously. We asked a bunch of kids where they would send their parents on a date. "Sky is the limit!" we told them. Did we even need to say that? You wouldn't believe the dream dates these kids came up with.

    Are they trying to get rid of us or something?

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    It’s always the moms, isn’t it? A group of moms in Spokane, Washington are gathering signatures on a petition to set decency standards for coffee shops serving up bikini-wearing baristas along with espresso. I guess this has become a thing throughout the Pacific Northwest: Goodbye, modest Twin Peaks-style pie shops and hello XXX drive-through bars where you’re served coffee by scantily clad women. But it’s not the bikinis that bother these parents. It’s that sometimes the workers are wearing g-strings and pasties and little else. And since these shops are in residential neighborhoods, some women feel like that’s just too much.

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    In every parent’s Christmas nightmare, one family in Virginia had some explaining to do with their kids after an 8-year-old found pornographic images on his new handheld Nintendo system.

    The newly bought DS was bought at Walmart on December 23, but somehow contained 12 still images saved in a file that the kids accessed when they started using the device to take pictures of each other.

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    If you're a woman and you have a social media account, you've likely had someone share with you this controversial Kmart commercial for Joe Boxer men's underwear. The sender either loved it ("Finally, an ad for us women," a Facebook friend posted on her wall) or loathed it and claimed it was going to destroy our children's innocence and demolish every value we work so hard to instill in them.

    The truth is: it's a really silly ad that is neither sexy and stimulating nor all that scandalous. It's sort of clever and will probably help sell a lot of underwear. And it might make your kids yawn. But that's about it, folks.

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    As any mom can attest: the most honest and pure people on earth are our littlest ones. Any adult who has asked a 9-year-old what she looks like dressed in a neon romper can vouch for that, as well. But kids are just as capable of handling bigger issues -- ones even adults have trouble tackling and understanding. Take gay marriage. Each state has its own stance on whether gays and lesbians should be allowed to marry and, even within the same family, differences of opinion on the matter can be enough to create serious wedges between relatives. 

    We may think young children are unaware of this hot topic or too naive to have an opinion on it, but you might be surprised to hear what they really think about gay marriage once they open up about it.

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    As much as I've tried to ward off having the discussion with my 7-year-old, it seems to be getting harder and harder to skirt around the subject of where babies come from with him.

    At least once a week or so, I'm met with one of the following questions:

    "How does a baby get in your belly?"

    "How do you 'make' a baby?"

    "I know that the stork is fake, Mom -- so how does the baby come out of your belly once it's in there?"

    Maybe it's because he's in second grade and is smart enough to realize birds don't drop babies on doorsteps. Or maybe it's because he's addicted to Full House reruns and has seen the episode where Aunt Becky delivers the twins about a zillion times and realizes she's pushing the babies out of her body somehow.

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    Just months after gushing about how boyfriend Donnie Wahlberg turns her "fifty shades of red," The View co-host Jenny McCarthy has now bestowed upon him the ultimate compliment: the Blue Bloods star has won her 11-year-old son, Evan's, seal of approval

    While she at least admits she needs more time with her new love before she can say for sure that he's absolute perfection, I cant help but wonder: isn't it too early for Wahlberg to meet her son? 

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    Out of all the awkward upcoming parental conversations I will be called upon to participate in, I think I'm the least worried about the Sex Talk. I mean, okay, it's not like I'm looking forward to it, exactly -- but the idea of talking to my kids about the birds and bees doesn't really freak me out too much. We've already covered penises, vaginas, and the general details of how they were born ("Mommy was lying on a table and a nice man with a big, big knife hacked you out of my belly while Mommy tried real hard not to barf in a comically tiny emesis basin!"), and moving on to the emotions and mechanics of sex doesn't seem nearly as convoluted a discussion as, say, the time my kindergartener asked me why dinosaurs were real but dragons were fake.

    Besides, there's really no point in fretting about the topic or hoping to delay it as long as possible. My guess is that by the time I talk to my kids about sex, they'll have heard PLENTY of age-inappropriate details outside of our home.

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    Nothing gets parents' knickers in a twist more than the idea their kids might get their knickers twisted with a little self exploration. Masturbation is an instinctual and natural act that causes no harm whatsoever, but still kids are shamed out of it. One group of parents in Queens, New York got so alarmed about an award-winning book that had some passages about masturbation in it that the book was removed from the required reading list. Didn't these parents ever read Are You There God? It's Me Margaret?!

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