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    Brandi Glanville and Eddie Cibrian are going at it again. The former couple (hard to believe, eh?) got into a spat (over Twitter, natch) when Brandi accused Eddie of coming after her for child support even though he's, in her words, "mr fancy new cars & house man" -- probably paid for by his wealthier wife, LeAnn Rimes. But Eddie has hit back that he never asked Brandi for child support. That denial apparently wasn't enough because now US Weekly has an entire letter from a lawyer with Eddie not only again denying he's trying to get any child support, but explaining what monies he is trying to get from Brandi.

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    If I were a parent back in my mom's day, my kids would have never had Christmas toys. The idea of facing huge, aggressive crowds at toy stores each year and battling it out over the last Cabbage Patch Doll sounds like an absolute nightmare. Luckily, we can do all of our shopping online now -- in our pajamas.

    And according to the results of a survey at The Prowl, most parents feel exactly the same way I do and are refusing to leave the comfort of their homes in order to procure a Tickle-Me-Whoever. Just 24 percent of moms plan on doing all of their shopping in stores! Black Friday deals? Pssh, forget it -- forward us coupon codes instead. And even though the average wait time on a holiday store line is 37 minutes -- guess what? -- the average time it takes me to click a button and then grab a snack is just under one minute. 

    I'm in  line with most other moms who took the survey except for this finding: on average moms spend $224 per kid for the holidays.

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    There's a silver lining in every crisis. Even in times like these, when so many people are enraged at the government for shutting down and cutting off services from those who need them most, one little girl is reminding us that the heart doesn't have to shut down, too.

    When Helaina Morgan, who is only 7, learned from her mom about the Fry family, who live in New York and are struggling to buy food without the help of food stamps, she rushed to her piggy bank and shook out $10 to send them. And if that isn't heartwarming enough, the letter she wrote for Essence, the Fry family's 3-year-old, will make you feel just a little better about the world.

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    Have you got a smart-mouthed kid? Ever catch your son or daughter making jokes on their homework? Well you'll love this kid. On a school worksheet that prompts: "I earn my money at home by ___" a child named Frankie replies, "I don't. I am a freeloader." Oh Frankie! Telling it like it is. That sounds just like my kid, actually. He's a freeloader, too. And he's also kind of a smart mouth.

    The Reddit user who posted this note online admits Frankie may have learned that word from his parents -- and that "knowing her parents, it was definitely out of humor." Still, Frankie has a point. Aren't all kids total freeloaders, really?

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  • Gargantuan Gosselin Grocery Grab (PHOTO)

    posted by Kate Gosselin February 7, 2013 at 12:31 PM in Big Kid
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    I recently lined my basement storage area with shelves, to systematically hold my large supply of grocery and toiletry items. Friends call it "Goss-Mart."A common question that I am asked is "how much [fill in the blank with a given food or toiletry item] must YOU go through?" or I get the comment "I can only imagine what your grocery bill is feeding EIGHT kids!"

    I guess to a mom of a "normal" sized family (what is considered normal anyway?), our quantities are gargantuan, but to me, those large break-your-arms quantities feel very commonplace after this many years of lugging car load after car load of items in the front door!

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    Well I never! All this time I believed Honey Boo Boo and her family were gen-yu-ine rednecks. We all thought they were so "real" and honest with us. But guess what Alana has been doing behind the scenes? You'll never believe it.

    Mama June set up trust funds for Honey Boo Boo and all her daughters.

    WHAT? Why that upends everything we've come to believe about supposed "poor, simple country folk." Maybe, just maybe, some of us have been judging the Thompsons a little too harshly. Maybe we've been underestimating their wisdom just because they like to play in mud and eat unhealthy food. Maybe we haven't seen that underneath that gray frizz those lovely blond tresses, Mama June is actually a savvy business woman looking out for what's best for her family.

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    They crop up every year: gift fairs filled with #1 Mom necklaces that will turn your neck an unsightly shade of green and World's Best Dad mugs mass-produced in China. Every year there's an attempt to make money by convincing our kids that the way to make Christmas sweet for Mom and Dad is to beg us for our hard-earned cash and blow it on worthless trinkets. And this year, this mom has put her foot down.

    My daughter brought home the "holiday fair" flyer, and I dropped it right in the recycling bin. Sorry, I don't want a crappy pre-packaged "Mom gift" from my kid for Christmas.

    That's right, I said it.

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    I got let go from my day job on Thursday. Most people didn’t even know I had a 9-to-5. They know about the freelancing—that side hustle that in and of itself is a full-time job—but they had no idea that eight hours of my day were spent under someone else’s employ. Thursday’s debacle was just a neon flashing example of why I never bothered being too dependent on a corporate gig anyway. No sooner had I had the chance to take my coat off and reply to exactly three emails, I got The Call to the conference room. I hadn’t even gotten a glass of water and sliced my breakfast apple yet, but when the smoke cleared that fine morning, they’d hatcheted 17 of us, streamlining the company of dead weight a mere 19 days before Christmas. Ho ho ho.

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  • Mom Moment

    Choosing Motherhood Over Career

    posted by Deborah Cruz November 14, 2012 at 6:22 AM in Big Kid
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    A successful lawyer who happens to be a mom worked at a large D.C. firm. This week, she came to the conclusion that she just couldn’t take half-assing work and parenthood any longer. Something had to give, so she wrote a resignation letter to her employers and it found its way onto the Internet and the Internet blew up.

    People get irate when you challenge their myths. Look, I wish we could all be fantastic involved mothers and have challenging and rewarding careers. But I am yet to meet the mother with newborns who has figured it out. Sure there are women who can do both. The problem we fall into, the one I fell into, was that I felt like I wasn't doing either to my standard. I constantly felt like I was missing something. The duality was too much for me. My heart was pulling me one way and my mind was pulling in the opposite direction. You find yourself always wanting to be some place else.

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    Kids love themselves some candy, right? Can't get enough. Never enough! Cause we're always cutting them off and making them brush their teeth and stuff. So of course the first place a 9-year-old is gonna go when he finds $4,000 hidden in his parents' couch is the candy store, right? Wait a minute ... what?! I know, I know. Seems like such a straightforward story at first: Kid finds a bunch of money, blows it all on candy, shares it with his friends, immediately becomes most popular kid ever. But when you think about it ... well, why the hell did the parents hide $4,000 in the couch? And how much candy does 4 grand actually buy?!

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