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    Bullying happens to about half of all children at some point in their lives. And at least 10 percent of kids experience it on a regular basis. It happens on playgrounds, in the hallways, and on countless social media sites daily.

    Sure parents worry, but often we think our kids will get over it once that day, or week, or school year passes. Unfortunately, that's not the case. Bullying extends far beyond adolescence and can have lasting effects on your child's future relationships, health, and well-being. "Bullying is something that can change someone's life trajectory for years and years to come," says William Copeland, MD, an Associate Professor at the Duke University School of Medicine.

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    You can breathe easily knowing this story does NOT involve a school, students, and guns or violence -- thank goodness -- but the details will still leave you scratching your head.

    A Colorado K-12 school was evacuated when 30 students and a teacher's aide returned to the building after recess reporting eye and skin irritations that resembled allergic reactions. When investigators inspected the area outside of the school grounds, they didn't find pepper spray or a toxic fertilizer -- they discovered six habanero peppers thrown into a bunch of wood chips near the playground. The little suckers caused a whole lot of chaos, and nobody has a clue how or why they were there.

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    Most parents would be completely thrilled if their child got into just ONE Ivy League college. That, for many, would be a huge deal. Now, what would you do if your child was accepted at not one Ivy League school but all eight of them? That's just what happened to Kwasi Enin, a New York high school senior. So, how did this happen?

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    After parents, teachers are arguably the most important people our children will come into contact with in their young lives. A great teacher can turn our child onto science, awaken in her a love of writing, or simply make him feel comfortable, happy, and secure for a few hours a day -- something that is just as important as learning math. And yet, so many talented and dedicated educators leave work each day feeling like they haven't accomplished anything. The rules and expectations are changing rapidly around them -- one day Common Core is king, the next day they're told they can no longer teach great works of fiction. It's easy to see why so many teachers feel like their hands are tied and they aren't making the difference they know they could.

    Glennon Doyle Melton, the author of Carry On Warrior, Thought On Life Unarmed, wants us all to know how special her son Chase's teacher truly is. This heartwarming letter is one that should be shared with every mom, dad, and teacher you know.

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    When it comes to weather, do NOT go against Al Roker. The man is one hell of an authority on all things storms and he'll let you know when it IS and IS NOT safe to hit the streets in your school bus, car, or snow boots, got that?! The Today show co-anchor took to Twitter today and went absolutely mental on New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, questioning his common sense for choosing to keep city schools open in spite of a bad storm that left 12 people dead in the South and has already caused mayhem and at least one death in the Northeast. 

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    As a new year approaches, it's always time for reflection. The biggest news events, craziest celeb scandals, how the economy fared. But we parents should be looking at one other major category: what the last 365 days have taught our kids. Beyond reading, writing, and arithmetic, take a look at the outrageous lessons our children learned in school during 2013.


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    If you're a woman and you have a social media account, you've likely had someone share with you this controversial Kmart commercial for Joe Boxer men's underwear. The sender either loved it ("Finally, an ad for us women," a Facebook friend posted on her wall) or loathed it and claimed it was going to destroy our children's innocence and demolish every value we work so hard to instill in them.

    The truth is: it's a really silly ad that is neither sexy and stimulating nor all that scandalous. It's sort of clever and will probably help sell a lot of underwear. And it might make your kids yawn. But that's about it, folks.

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    The Worst School Names of All Time

    posted by Ericka Sóuter November 8, 2013 at 7:25 AM in Big Kid
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    What's in a name? A lot, apparently. A Jacksonville, Florida school board is considering changing the name of its Nathan B Forrest High School because it was named after the first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. I am sure, once upon a time, the folks whose children attended the school thought that was an awesome idea. Clearly it's time for a change. It's understandable that they would opt for something more politically correct. But this got us thinking about other educational institutions with unfortunate titles -- and boy are there a lot. Take a look at the 9 worst school names of all time.

    What other awful school names have you heard of?

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    A teacher in Florida was suspended without pay after grabbing a fourth grade boy's hand, placing it over his heart, and forcing him to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. No one flinched when this happened in my Catholic grade school, but the problem in this case is that she taught at a public school and the boy is a Jehovah's Witness. The child, who respectfully stood up with the rest of his classmates, explained to his teacher that his faith prevents him from worshipping objects, but she reportedly insisted that he was an American and expected to salute the flag. 

    I was born and raised in America, am proud to be American, and have no issues with the word "God" or the fact that it was added to the Pledge in 1954 and, like it or not, has taken on a message that is as religious as it is patriotic. But, from a parent's point of view, public schools do not have the right to impose values that contradict my family's religious beliefs. Plain and simple. 

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    Does it seem like more and more parents are keeping their autumn-born children home from school for an extra year before they enroll them in kindergarten? It’s not in your head. Statistics show that more kids than ever are 6 instead of 5 when entering school these days.

    The rationale makes sense. Parents generally want to give their kids the best chance, right? Why not start them a year later when they’re in that questionable, when-do-I-start-them time frame?

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