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    A new study has come out that claims that parents today are more aggravated than parents ten years ago. It's somewhat ironic, given that women and men today tend to be more emotionally in-tuned and spiritually-enlightened than they were a decade ago, but moms and dads are reporting feeling frustrated with their kids these days.

    Wanna guess why?

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    Dear Barbie,

    It's been another rough week for you, hasn't it? Somebody left your scantily clad body at the top of the stairs, and you had to be rescued from the slobbery jaws of the dog. And then to top it all off, a bunch of scientists came out with another dubious claim that you are destroying little girls' chances at making something of themselves one teeny weeny waist at a time.

    In a study published in the journal Sex Roles, researchers Aurora M. Sherman and Eileen L. Zurbriggen have issued forth the brazen claim that you, oh plastic one, you are responsible for teaching girls that they have fewer career options than boys.

    They based this assumption, dear Barbie -- or do your friends call you Babs? -- on interviews with 37 girls ages 4 through 7.

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    Tyrese Gibson, the macho R&B singer-songwriter and star of the Fast and Furious series, has officially melted our hearts, courtesy of one adorable at-home daddy-daughter video

    In a clip that he captioned, "Self confidence starts at home... #DaddyDaughter  #SelfLoveDrill," Gibson and his 6-year-old daughter Shayla practice self-confidence and composure. In his drill sergeant stance and marches (anyone else getting minor flashbacks to Annapolis?), Gibson has his daughter repeat: "I am great. I am amazing. I am significant. I am smart. I am beautiful. I am special."

    What a beautiful lesson to learn, especially for a young girl from her father. He and Shayla go on:

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    Playgrounds can be a lot like high school in the sense that there are very specific types of parents who hang out there. Go to any park, in any city, and it's pretty much a given that, just like in high school, the same types of people will be spotted there.

    You've, without question, seen them. You're, without question, one of them. Here are the 7 types of playground parents.

    Which one are you?

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    Remember when you didn't have kids? That was luxurious, right? You used to do things like sleep, shower, eat full meals start to finish (and not have to mop up the floor afterward)? Heavenly. You didn't realize it at the time, but you were essentially living your life in a spa. The only thing missing was the soft lull of Enya or crashing waves on a loop in the background and an endless pitcher of cucumber water.

    Your life now, as a parent? BAHAHAHAHA! It's about an eighth as relaxing as it was pre-children. Your once lazy, brunch/coffee/newspaper-filled Saturday mornings have now been replaced with 6:30 a.m. wake-ups; smashed Cheerios every which way you turn; and the Frozen soundtrack blaring in the background on repeat.

    Think I'm being hyperbolic? Check out this dad's hilarious compilation of Saturdays with his 4-year-old daughter for the last three months.

    Notice a pattern here?

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    Former model and now children's clothing designer Elizabeth Hurley has always been so fashionable. But this time, she's way off trend. Hurley is getting major flack for her girls' swim collection. The line for girls under 8 features, of all things, a leopard-print stringed number called the "Wild Cat Bikini." Mrwor! It's a bit much for moms who have been asking clothing designers to stop churning out clothes that sexualize children. Why does Hurley think moms want to buy their little girls a swimsuit that's "great for girls who want to look grown up"?

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    Do you ever sit back and look at all our little girls in pink, and our little boys in blue, and wonder: How on Earth did we get here? Why will my daughter never, ever wear a color other than pink? (Oh no wait, she'll wear purple, too.) Who made these rules, anyway? Well, here's a video that gets you. Buzzfeed has lampooned our kids' gender color rules by flipping the scenario. Wouldn't it look CRAZY if we had the same gender rules for grown-ups? 

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    Josie Zetz is dealing with something no 11-year-old should ever have to: Her dad is dying. Jim Zetz, 62, has terminal stage 4 pancreatic cancer, so unless a miracle happens, he's not going to be there in the future to walk her down the aisle.

    Photographer Lindsey Villatoro was taking some final family portraits when Josie's mom Grace mentioned that her daughter was upset that her dad wouldn't be there for "memories down the line." She got the idea for a mini wedding to coincide with her eleventh birthday, so that she could have the experience of her dad walking her down the aisle.

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    This Is 11

    posted by Miss Isabella April 1 at 12:00 PM in Big Kid
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    Being 11 is harder than it looks. I know all the grownups are always like, "Oh, you're so lucky to just be 11 and not have so much to deal with." My response is usually a nod and a smile, but sometimes I give them a shrug and a "so so" movement with my hand.

    This is what really goes on in the life of an 11-year-old ...

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    Yesterday I learned of a school that banned a 9-year-old girl because she shaved her head in support of her friend who has cancer. The school told her she violated the dress code. In the news today is 8-year-old Sunnie Kahle who is being asked to dress more like a girl because the way she looks doesn't follow suit with the school's beliefs and she is confusing some of the other students.

    And now I am completely disgusted.

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