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    Whatever happened to children trading friendship bracelets on the playground? Two fourth graders -- 10-year-olds, folks -- were busted for selling pot at their school's playground. The incident took place in Colorado -- where marijuana was legalized this year. It will probably not come as a major shock to learn how the tots got their hands on a small bag of weed: they simply swiped it from their relatives.

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    There was an awful situation on an elementary school bus resulting in the arrest of three parents. There are different accounts of exactly what happened, but this is what is being said. A Palm Beach County School bus driver was reportedly attacked and beaten after he didn't let kids off the bus fast enough.

    Driver Joseph Beauzile, 40, approached a bus stop to let off some kids from Westwood Elementary. Beauzile came to a stop and says that the kids were trying to rush off the bus, so he closed the door and stopped them, attempting to have them exit single file. The parents waiting at the stop, most likely concerned about what was going on, ended up entering the bus and got into an altercation with the driver.

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    So, this happened. A class of fourth graders in El Paso, Texas, received a rather questionable homework assignment. In an exercise of reading comprehension, the students were asked to read about a certain scenario and then give their opinion on what went down.

    Now, there are so many different ways an educator could present a story to students -- like a tale of kids playing in a park or the Easter Bunny finding a child's home. But no, this particular teacher used the scenario of a mother finding a hairclip that was not hers in her marital bed, leading to the assumption that her husband had cheated on her. Yes, that! The story presented to the kids as homework read like this:

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    When it comes to finding the right schools for kids with challenges like autism, often it's not bullying by other kids that we have to worry about; it's bullying by adults who just don't understand how these special conditions affect kids. One mom made that heart-sinking discovery when she enrolled her son with autism in a small, private Catholic school.

    "We couldn't think of a better place for our son," Diane Lang writes in a heartbreaking blog post, "How Do We Determine the Worth of a Child?" Lang believed the school's Christian values and supportive community would provide exactly the environment her son needed, "where kindness and compassion were paramount." Over time, though, it all fell apart.

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    Unless you're jetting off for a week of fun in the sun on the beach or something, spring break is definitely bittersweet for most parents. On the one hand, it's so nice to get to spend some extra quality time with your kiddos.

    But on the other hand -- all of that extra quality time can wind up being kind of a drag if you don't plan ahead and figure out how to fill up each and every single moment to keep your kids entertained.

    Of course, when the week kicks off, you insist you're never going to allow your children to have an opportunity to utter the two most dreaded words of any school vacation.

    "I'm borrrreeed."

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    How far would your child go to get out of going to school? One third grader in Florida allegedly stole his mother's car to avoid going to school for the day.

    Authorities have charged the 9-year-old with aggravated assault and grand theft auto after he threw a brick at his mother and grandmother and stole his mother's car keys. He managed to drive the car for 45 minutes before police were able to pull him over.

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    You can breathe easily knowing this story does NOT involve a school, students, and guns or violence -- thank goodness -- but the details will still leave you scratching your head.

    A Colorado K-12 school was evacuated when 30 students and a teacher's aide returned to the building after recess reporting eye and skin irritations that resembled allergic reactions. When investigators inspected the area outside of the school grounds, they didn't find pepper spray or a toxic fertilizer -- they discovered six habanero peppers thrown into a bunch of wood chips near the playground. The little suckers caused a whole lot of chaos, and nobody has a clue how or why they were there.

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    A shocking new video shows every parent's nightmare -- a school bus driver not only mocking a young girl as a "crybaby," but also encouraging other kids to join in!

    The Floresville Elementary School employee has been fired for "childish and immature" behavior. Superintendent Sherri Bays said she was very concerned about the incident and that it was "definitely not appropriate."

    The unidentified driver can be seen on the tape calling the student a crybaby and egging the other students on to join her. "Ready?" she asks. "Cry ... cry ... cry ... I want my mama."

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    Have you heard about the Florida 5-year-old who says a teacher told her not to pray right before she was about to eat lunch in the school cafeteria? The story is all over the place this morning, as the YouTube video her parents made of her telling her story is gaining quite a bit of attention.

    The little girl claims that when she went to bow her head before eating her meal, a "lunch teacher" stopped her and told her she was not allowed to do so and that praying is "bad."

    And that's when her father, Marcos Perez, made this video of her giving her account of the incident.

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    There are enough crazy people out there wandering around that I'm generally very appreciative of school safety procedures and guest policies. Most schools these days require non-staff adults to sign in at the office, and many require some form of identification as well.

    But occasionally things get taken too far -- like when Niakea Williams was called to her son's elementary classroom to comfort him. Michael is a special needs student with Asperger's syndrome, and he was beginning to panic, so his teacher frantically called his mom to come soothe him. Williams ended up in handcuffs, and Walnut Groves Elementary School in St. Louis was put on lockdown.

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