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    Do you know what your kids' teachers think of them? Wait, scratch that. Would you WANT to know? Because a mom in Ohio was shocked by a message left on her voicemail by her 7-year-old's teacher.

    It seems the educator forgot to hang up the phone before voicing her opinion about the kindergartner to a colleague. Needless to say, what Ashley Moore heard about her son was none too complimentary.

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    Michigan teacher Alan Barron was recently suspended just two weeks before he was set to retire from his 36-year teaching career, and parents at Monroe Middle School are none too pleased. The district is looking into whether his teaching methods on black history were appropriate.

    It seems as though the 59-year-old dared to show a video in class of white actors in blackface during a lesson plan on African-American history and Jim Crow racial segregation laws. Although he explained that many people once considered that entertainment, a vice principal sitting in on the class thought it was enough to turn it off and place him on leave.

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    This was no ordinary science fair! Today's fourth annual White House Science Fair celebrated 100 students from more than 30 states, who represent over 40 different science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) competitions across the country. Additionally, 30 student teams exhibited their awe-inspiring, award-winning projects. President Obama hosted the event, applauding these young people's achievements.

    After viewing the students' exhibits, it was clear a self-effacing POTUS was floored by their accomplishments, joking, "I have a confession to make. When I was growing up my science fair projects were not as successful as those here! ... I accidentally killed some plants that were a part of my experiment. Another time, a bunch of mice escaped in my grandmother's apartment. These experiments did not take me straight to the White House!"

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    Several years ago our circumstances changed quite a bit when my husband left his established job to launch a business. I couldn't have been more supporting of his decision, and I was thrilled that he had the courage to follow his dream in such a big way -- but I hadn't realized how much a drastically reduced salary would impact our daily lives. At first it was enormously challenging, as I'd analyze nearly everything I did in order to determine if it fit within our newly tightened budget. Eventually, however, things greatly simplified: by and large, I just ... stopped spending money on non-essential items.

    These days our budget isn't nearly so cramped. We have discretionary income again, and I don't budget like I used to. I'm also pretty sure my parenting has suffered as a result.

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    I don't know about you, but I expect a certain amount of maturity and decorum in our educators and those who run our schools. But, sadly, that is not always the case. Here is a perfect example of those who REALLY should know better behave in a way that is not just offensive but unacceptable.

    A New York school board president resigned after video surfaced of him saying unkind things about one of the parents of a student. Really unkind things.

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    There has never been a story about a teacher having sex with his or her students that hasn't made us cringe and wonder what in the hell the person was thinking. But this one might just be the ultimate in crazy -- the most ridiculous of all of these ridiculous and horrifying tales.

    Ellen Niemiec is a 29-year-old high school teacher from South Carolina. She is also a married woman who has 3 young children. And yet, the instructor is being accused of somehow finding the time -- and desire -- to sleep with not one, but 3 of her students on the same night.

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    SMH, Internet.Two students at the University of Georgia were so desperate to get out of taking their finals, they posted an ad to Craigslist asking for a Good Samaritan to run them over. With a car. Run them over with a car so they wouldn't have to take their finals.

    Studying is for wusses. Real women take on two tons of steel on wheels to get through finals week. Or something. The ad, titled, "Hit Man Wanted (UGA)" and listed under the "skilled trades/artisan jobs" category, did make it clear that they didn't want to die, so there's that at least.

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    Kids often stick things in their pockets on the sly. My own little girl will hide a My Little Pony figure or a drawing of a kitten in her pocket to take with her to school. But one 7-year-old boy in Pennsylvania had something not just illegal, but very, very dangerous in his pockets. The first grader at Caln Elementary brought nine small baggies of heroin to class. Yes, NINE BAGGIES OF HEROIN! Totally crazy, right? But get this, that's not the craziest part of the story ...

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    We've all heard stories of students calling in fake bomb threats to their schools in order to avoid a test, a big assignment, or to just cause some chaos. It's been happening for decades. My own high school was a victim of one of these tasteless pranks, which cancelled classes and brought in the bomb squad.

    But in Calhoun County, Illinois, it wasn't a student stupidly suggesting that a bomb was present, but a teacher. Yes, a teacher!

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    If not for one of John David LaDue's vigilant neighbors, the world might have been two weeks away from hearing about another horrific Columbine-like attack. The 17-year-old from Minnesota had concocted an elaborate and terrifying plot to shoot his entire family dead, blow up his school, and kill as many students as he could, before being killed by police. The amount of preparation the teen put into his scheme will astound you. And, if not for one witness, police believe John -- who reportedly admired the Columbine killers -- would have had no trouble carrying out his deadly plan.

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