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    When it comes to weather, do NOT go against Al Roker. The man is one hell of an authority on all things storms and he'll let you know when it IS and IS NOT safe to hit the streets in your school bus, car, or snow boots, got that?! The Today show co-anchor took to Twitter today and went absolutely mental on New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, questioning his common sense for choosing to keep city schools open in spite of a bad storm that left 12 people dead in the South and has already caused mayhem and at least one death in the Northeast. 

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    If you and your kids have watched wild animal nature programs on TV, you've probably seen a predator chase, kill, and devour another animal. But TV is one thing -- what if you had the chance to let your child watch a lion devour a giraffe live and in person? A Danish zoo killed a giraffe and fed it to the lions, and it let the public watch the whole thing. And while seemingly half of Europe is furious over the killing of a 2-year-old giraffe in perfect health, I was stunned at this: They let people watch?!? Maybe I'm just a cold-hearted nerd, but that sounds like an amazing learning experience for the kids.

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    Old MacDonald had a ... mutilated cow? Many children fall in love with these soulful creatures and other rural animals when they're mere toddlers playing on the rug with their Little People farm friends. Some parents, myself included, choose to give our little ones organic or almond milk because we want to avoid harmful hormones and have heard far too many horror stories about the ways in which cows are treated on many dairy farms. Maybe we've even discussed these realities with our children. But parents at an elementary school in California are outraged this week because members of PETA reportedly took matters into their own hands by distributing "comics" containing illustrations of mutilated cows to children as young as 6.

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    Wanna know the two topics that should most definitely be brought up at every dinner conversation no matter with whom you're eating? Why, religion and evolution, of course. No topic, perhaps besides abortion, is more divisive, and the great creationism vs. evolution conundrum is making headlines today thanks to a recent debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham. Bill, best known as "Bill Nye the Science Guy," is an American science educator, while Ken, an Australian native, is the founder of the Creation Museum. And last night at 7 p.m. ET, the two went at it.

    There's no doubt about it: Regardless of who "won" the debate, there's very little chance that your mind will be changed about the subject.

    But we might as well go over five quotes from each guy so you can see some highlights from the debate for yourself. Enjoy!

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    When I was a kid, I thought there was nothing I could ever loathe more than homework. They wanted me to go to school all day, and then come home and do more paperwork? What was that about? Then I became a mom, and I discovered that the only thing worse than homework when you’re a kid is your kids’ homework when you’re a parent.

    But you do it, right? You ask a zillion times if they have their homework done. You help them with the problems they’re having a hard time understanding. You do not, however, do what one Florida mom allegedly did -- beat them up for not doing their homework.

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    I can't imagine that any mom would want her baby treated this way. A kindergartener says her teacher locked her in a closet as punishment for "playing too much." Memphis kindergarten teacher Kristin Ohsfeldt allegedly locked 5-year-old Akeelah Joseph in a closet before going home sick. I guess Ms. Ohsfeldt was just having a bad day, poor thing. (Eye roll.) Oh yeah -- and she forgot to tell anyone Akeelah was still in the closet.

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    While families in Roswell, New Mexico try to make sense of the shooting at the Berrendo Middle School on Tuesday, a hero has emerged from the chaos. Social studies teacher John Masterson is credited with disarming the 12-year-old shooter, putting his own life at risk to save countless children.

    According to reports, Masterson actually walked right up to the armed assailant and calmly told him to put the gun down.

    Brave. Incredible even -- that he did it, and that it worked. 

    But is it really that surprising? That a teacher would be the hero?

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    Anyone else remember when it was fundraising time at their elementary school? You'd be ushered into the auditorium, where a motivational speaker type stood before you shouting into a microphone about all the big prizes you'd win if you sold six boxes of candy or a bunch of bad magazines. Like a magician at a kid's party, he'd end his act by throwing candy and stickers out onto the audience and it was all the fuel you needed to become determined to sell the most crap you could. 

    A principal at an impoverished NYC school must have used the same magic because it seems fur-wearing, BMW-driving Marcella Sills -- who sounds like a Disney villain based on the accounts of people who know her -- got parents to shell out lots of money so she could throw a lavish, totally weird party in which the dress code required her fifth grade students to dress up as mini brides and grooms

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    A tragedy out of New Jersey is striking at the heart of many parents' fears about sending their kids off to school. The mother of a 6-year-old watched this week as her little boy was hit by his own school bus. Little Edmond Bock was running to catch the bus, and somehow he ended up being hit and killed, right outside his own home.

    The driver was a substitute, but he had 25 years experience. So how does something like this happen?

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    A father from New York is suing the city and state because he has been denied religious exemption to a law that requires his child be vaccinated for 11 communicable diseases in order to attend school. The dad, who is Catholic, took action after his 4-year-old son was removed from his public school pre-k class just before the Christmas break. In the parents' affidavit, which they filed this week, they stated: “Immunization demonstrates a great lack of faith in the gift of health and the promise of protection that we are given at birth and through baptism we put our child in the hands of the Lord ... God wants us to put our faith for disease prevention in him exclusively.”

    But, in the eyes of a judge, their beliefs aren't "genuine" or "sincere" enough to justify getting around the vaccination law -- which applies to all public, private, AND Catholic schools in New York City. 

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