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    There are some very upset parents this week, as one school has suggested a mindfulness technique to deal with bullying. Riversdale School in New Zealand has incited the ire of several Christian parents by tossing around the idea of implementing a controversial program during the school day that involves students reflecting on their "thoughts and emotions in a natural and calm state and in the present moment."

    Apparently the technique has Buddhist ties, so obviously it will not do. The education ministry reported that at least five parents had complained about the proposal, and they were working with the school and the parents to make sure everything is dealt with appropriately.

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    We parents like to say we would do anything for our kids. However, I imagine most of us would draw the line at helping them cheat. Not so for Abdurrahim Ali. The New York City assistant principal snuck into the computer system and changed his son's grades for the better.

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    I am all for the separation of church and state, especially when it comes to public school. With so many different religions within a community, it's not exactly fair to impose one specific set of beliefs on a diverse group of kids. So I understand why people get up in arms when a teacher teaches creationism. However, one Dyer, Tennessee, high school instructor may be taking the whole notion too far. A student was disciplined for saying "bless you" in class. Ridiculous, right? Wait until you hear their reasoning behind the punishment.

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    Talk about starting the school year off with a bang! Or a thud, as the case may be, for one Oklahoma teacher, who found herself arrested for showing up drunk on the first day of school. Oh yeah, she wasn't wearing pants either. Shaking. My. Head.

    Newly hired teacher Lorie Ann Hill was caught with her pants down (literally) at Wagoner High School on Monday, in an empty classroom she claimed as her own. It was the first day for teachers, although students won't start until Thursday. Thank goodness for that!

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    Everyone makes grammatical mistakes sometimes, even teachers. Show me someone who hasn't made an embarrassing typographical error and I'll show you ... well, I can't show you anything, we've all done it. But there's something extra funny about an education-related typo, especially when it comes in the form of a teacher mistakenly correcting his or her student.

    In the spirit of good-natured fun -- rather than snide finger pointing, because you know what they say about pots, kettles, and glass houses -- here are 13 deeply hilarious school typos that we'll go ahead and file under "FALE."

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    I never thought I'd send my child to private school. I was a public school kid. When I was growing up, private school was for fancy people. If you were just a regular, middle-class kid, you walked down the street to the nearest school and enrolled. It was that simple.

    A generation later, things are a little more complicated. And I've been (GULP!) sending my son to a private school. It's a major sacrifice -- as in, some days I think I must be insane to be doing this even with the tuition break. But then I come in for those parent-teacher conferences, or I read my son's progress reports, or heck, I just have a conversation with my son and I think yep, worth every penny.

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    Think you’re more intelligent than a 4-year-old? I sure thought I was, up until I took a new kindergarten admission test geared for this tender age group! I failed miserably, which proves one of two things: Either I’m an idiot, or this test is crazy. After all, if I flunked it, how would my 4-year-old daughter do? 

    Called the Admission Assessment for Beginning Learners (or AABL for short), this new assessment will be offered this fall at some schools as an alternative to standard IQ tests often administered around this age. Stranger still, the test will be administered by iPad (aren’t parents lectured up the wazoo that they should cut down on the amount of screen time their kiddos get?).

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    The debate over homework has raged on in American homes for the past several years. But the battle is not between the parents and the kids who don't want to do it. Instead, it's parents challenging the system and asking that schools reduce or ban homework altogether. And it looks like one school is well on its way to embracing the no-homework system.

    Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, there definitely is one big catch. If administrators do decide to ban homework, they will have to lengthen the school days. Since parents mostly want homework restrictions so kids can spend more time playing, enjoying their days, and hanging with the family, it could seem like the plan is backfiring.

    But the trade-off might just be totally worth it.

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    The value of school uniforms and dress codes has been debated over and over again. Arguably, they help to keep kids safe because intruders can be easily spotted, but they prohibit choices and keep kids from creatively dressing. And most recently, a North Carolina principal has landed herself in hot water after demanding that students walk outside for more than two hours after violating the uniform code.

    According to reports, Manchester Elementary School Principal Tammy Holland ordered several dozen children to walk on a dirt track until their parents could bring them a change of clothes or pick them up to go home. She even said that they weren't allowed to eat any breakfast or be served any water. They were only brought inside after administrators in the school's office were alerted of the situation.

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    Controlling a classroom of 20 to 30 elementary school students is no easy feat. Teachers set rules, guidelines, and limits on what the children can do in order to maintain a good learning environment. But a story of a school that is limiting kids to using the bathroom only twice a year shows us how some school rules can cause kids more harm than good.

    Parents of fourth grade students at Loma Portal Elementary School are complaining that their children only receive two bathroom passes per year. Turns out, kids are using up their two passes quickly and then are not allowed to use the bathroom. Instead, if they need to use the bathroom, they have to take a detention or be excluded from activities.

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