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    There has never been a story about a teacher having sex with his or her students that hasn't made us cringe and wonder what in the hell the person was thinking. But this one might just be the ultimate in crazy -- the most ridiculous of all of these ridiculous and horrifying tales.

    Ellen Niemiec is a 29-year-old high school teacher from South Carolina. She is also a married woman who has 3 young children. And yet, the instructor is being accused of somehow finding the time -- and desire -- to sleep with not one, but 3 of her students on the same night.

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    SMH, Internet.Two students at the University of Georgia were so desperate to get out of taking their finals, they posted an ad to Craigslist asking for a Good Samaritan to run them over. With a car. Run them over with a car so they wouldn't have to take their finals.

    Studying is for wusses. Real women take on two tons of steel on wheels to get through finals week. Or something. The ad, titled, "Hit Man Wanted (UGA)" and listed under the "skilled trades/artisan jobs" category, did make it clear that they didn't want to die, so there's that at least.

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    Kids often stick things in their pockets on the sly. My own little girl will hide a My Little Pony figure or a drawing of a kitten in her pocket to take with her to school. But one 7-year-old boy in Pennsylvania had something not just illegal, but very, very dangerous in his pockets. The first grader at Caln Elementary brought nine small baggies of heroin to class. Yes, NINE BAGGIES OF HEROIN! Totally crazy, right? But get this, that's not the craziest part of the story ...

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    We've all heard stories of students calling in fake bomb threats to their schools in order to avoid a test, a big assignment, or to just cause some chaos. It's been happening for decades. My own high school was a victim of one of these tasteless pranks, which cancelled classes and brought in the bomb squad.

    But in Calhoun County, Illinois, it wasn't a student stupidly suggesting that a bomb was present, but a teacher. Yes, a teacher!

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    If not for one of John David LaDue's vigilant neighbors, the world might have been two weeks away from hearing about another horrific Columbine-like attack. The 17-year-old from Minnesota had concocted an elaborate and terrifying plot to shoot his entire family dead, blow up his school, and kill as many students as he could, before being killed by police. The amount of preparation the teen put into his scheme will astound you. And, if not for one witness, police believe John -- who reportedly admired the Columbine killers -- would have had no trouble carrying out his deadly plan.

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    It was meant to be a funny senior prank, but the antics of dozens of students at Teaneck High School in New Jersey have gotten them in big, big trouble with the law. At least 10 police departments responded early this morning to what they suspected was a burglary at the school. What they found shocked them even more: students were caught flipping over desks, covering doors with Vaseline, and -- brace yourself for this -- urinating in the hallways.

    Pretty unbelievable, huh? If you're thinking what I am -- that the teens need to learn a lesson after pulling such a disrespectful stunt -- you will be glad to know it's being taken very seriously. At least 60 students face criminal mischief and burglary charges.

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    Tomorrow my daughter will sit down with thousands of other children in New York State to take yet another standardized test. I know. I know, I could have thrown my hands up at the Common Core. I could have opted my child out of the math tests that will have no real immediate effect on her future. She will pass the third grade with them or without them.

    But I didn't opt my daughter out of the standardized math tests. I didn't opt her out of the reading or, as it's called these days, English language arts tests earlier in the month, even as a flurry of Facebook requests were sent in my direction to join in on National Opt Out Day.

    I did something else entirely. I told my daughter the tests don't matter. I don't care if she passes them or not.

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    When we hear stories about teens and kids committing violent crimes, many of us automatically think: Where were his parents? Here's one case of an incident that could have well turned into the next Newtown but was stopped in part because of parents who were paying attention.

    A 17-year-old Texas boy was arrested and will be tried as an adult after cops received a call from his worried parents, who had noticed their guns were missing and suspected their son had taken them. When police caught up with the sophomore at Madison High School, they found he was carrying two loaded handguns, ammunition, and a 12-inch knife in his backpack. The teen then admitted he had stashed a loaded AK-47 in a trashcan in the school bathroom and had planned to use it.

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    With some parents these days feeling torn between paying through the nose to send their kids to private school or dealing with the challenges of budget cuts and other government red tape related to public school, homeschool may begin to sound like an appealing alternative. Of course, it can be daunting to think about where to begin, so many parents reach out to others who've taken their child's education into their own hands.

    For some solid advice on how to do it right, look no further than Michelle Duggar. Yep, the reality star mom of 19 Kids and Counting is also a veteran advocate of homeschooling. Here, seven things you can learn from Michelle about teaching your kiddo under your own roof ...

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    The parents of 11 middle school children in Anaheim, California are probably holding their kids a lot tighter this morning after learning that the school bus taking them home from an after-school activity crashed, leaving 11 students and the bus driver hurt -- 3 in critical condition. The incident sounds like an absolute nightmare -- the bus jumped a curb, collided into trees and a lamp post, and landed tilted on its side. The young passengers and bus driver were then told the vehicle was leaking gasoline. They rushed to evacuate the bus before something even more catastrophic could happen.

    Investigators are still looking into what caused the vehicle to spiral out of control, but one witness claims the school bus was traveling so fast, it appeared to leap into the air.

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