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    I've heard school bus horror stories before -- and even experienced a minor issue firsthand with my kindergartener last year that nonetheless created a bunch of confusion and worry on our first day of school -- but this news out of South Carolina makes me want to hug my kids' driver and thank her for 1) being so consistently good-natured and patient even though I'm sure her job is a freaking nightmare sometimes, and 2) never once ditching a pukey kid on the side of the road.

    That's exactly what a driver did this week when one of her students complained of feeling sick. After an 11-year-old boy told her he was nauseous, the driver pulled over at the next unassigned stop, dropped him off ... and drove away. If a neighbor hadn't called the boy's mom, she wouldn't have even known where he was, or that he needed her help.

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    A mom in Ohio says she was so desperate to get her seventh-grade son into summer school that she offered up her diamond wedding ring when she couldn't afford the $400 tuition.

    Tamika Hamilton agreed to leave her ring, which of course has both monetary and sentimental value, with Maple Heights City Schools Superintendent Charles Keenan until she paid off the summer school amount in full. The suggestion to let them hold onto an item of value was Keenan's idea, but he insists he wasn't attempting to "run a pawn shop" and was simply trying to help out a parent in need.

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    How would you feel if your teenager was suspended from high school for writing a fiction piece about marijuana in his or her personal journal? And while you're thinking about that, here's another question: how would you feel if your teenager was suspended from high school for credible drug-related activities? Somewhere in between these two scenarios lies the truth, and while her father and school authorities fight it out in appeals, a high school girl may not be able to graduate with her class next May thanks to her 2014 suspension.

    The school cites their zero-tolerance drug policy for the girl's lengthy suspension, but her dad says what was written in her personal journal may not have reflected reality -- and that the punishment was far too severe.

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    A high school in Staten Island, New York, may be taking things too far with a strict new dress code that has landed 200 students in detention in less than two weeks. Tottenville High School has been accused of sexism for the new "Dress for Success" policy, since about 90 percent of the offenders just happened to be female.

    Banned clothing includes tank tops, low-cut blouses, tubes/halter and midriff tops, "short-shorts," and "mini-skirts," and prohibits "visible undergarments" as well as shorts and skirts shorter than a "relaxed hand-level." 

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    A middle school teacher in Washington, DC, made a very poor judgment call recently by assigning some homework asking students to compare President George W. Bush to Adolf Hitler. Sixth graders at McKinley Middle School were asked to complete a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting the two leaders, using the example, "Both men abused their powers."

    Whoa. Hold up a second. There is so much wrong with this assignment that it's hard to know where to begin.

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    A school bus driver in Worcester, Mass. who says she was just following the rules, claims she was punched in the face by a parent and watched as several more angrily stormed her vehicle because they say she refused to let their children off the sweltering bus.

    The crazy incident took place after she had picked up students from Quinsigamond Elementary School and sat at one bus stop with the windows reportedly rolled up on a hot day. Parents say their children could be heard screaming about the heat and calling for them -- which, as a parent, just pulls at your heartstring and most of us can imagine walking across hot coals to get our child out of an uncomfortable and frightening situation.

    When the driver reportedly began moving the bus along -- for reasons that are unclear -- all hell broke loose. And the incident was caught on video.

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    They already spend eight hours every day at school, so when your child comes home from a long day of class, the last thing they want to do is get back into learning mode. Luckily, there are some stealthy, subtle tricks you can pull out to fool your kids into learning at home.

    Whether it's after school, on a weekend, or during a long vacation, you can still have your kids learn. Only in some much more clever ways. So throw these teaching moments on your to-do list, moms, because your kids will love them and they'll be getting a lesson all in one.

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    Why. Just WHY? Why is my Facebook feed suddenly flooded with pictures of kids and their back-to-school presents? What fresh hell is this? Who are these mothers giving their children gifts for trotting back to the classroom after a summer spent playing?

    Heaven help me -- ain't nobody got time for that! Seriously, on top of all the new clothes, shoes, backpacks, and school supplies, we're now supposed to somehow come up with something called a Schultute? Apparently it's a German tradition involving a giant paper cone filled with treats for the first day of school. No. Just no.

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    It's a rough start to the school year to be sent home on the first day of school. Especially if you're five and it's the first day of Kindergarten. Even more so if it's over something that's completely out of your control as a child.

    But that's what happened to Malachi Wilson, who was sent home from school for having long hair. Malachi happens to be Native American, and in keeping with his family's Seminole religious beliefs, he keeps his hair long, which is apparently a big no-no at F.J. Young Elementary School.

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    Few things are as important as your child's education -- yet hiring tutors or signing up for classes can drain your finances long before your kids even get to college! But luckily it doesn't have to be that way. A ton of websites and services exist that can enrich your child's education for free. Whatever your child is interested in, check out these venues to explore further.

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