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    Gulp. It happens at different ages for different kids, but sooner or later every single one of them becomes way too smart to think that babies are dropped off on our doorsteps by the stork.

    And even though it's not an easy conversation to have, we owe it to our children to tell them the truth and lay out the whole birds and the bees thing for what it actually is.

    You know ... (sex).

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    You can breathe easily knowing this story does NOT involve a school, students, and guns or violence -- thank goodness -- but the details will still leave you scratching your head.

    A Colorado K-12 school was evacuated when 30 students and a teacher's aide returned to the building after recess reporting eye and skin irritations that resembled allergic reactions. When investigators inspected the area outside of the school grounds, they didn't find pepper spray or a toxic fertilizer -- they discovered six habanero peppers thrown into a bunch of wood chips near the playground. The little suckers caused a whole lot of chaos, and nobody has a clue how or why they were there.

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    A shocking new video shows every parent's nightmare -- a school bus driver not only mocking a young girl as a "crybaby," but also encouraging other kids to join in!

    The Floresville Elementary School employee has been fired for "childish and immature" behavior. Superintendent Sherri Bays said she was very concerned about the incident and that it was "definitely not appropriate."

    The unidentified driver can be seen on the tape calling the student a crybaby and egging the other students on to join her. "Ready?" she asks. "Cry ... cry ... cry ... I want my mama."

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    Most parents would be completely thrilled if their child got into just ONE Ivy League college. That, for many, would be a huge deal. Now, what would you do if your child was accepted at not one Ivy League school but all eight of them? That's just what happened to Kwasi Enin, a New York high school senior. So, how did this happen?

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    This Is 11

    posted by Miss Isabella April 1 at 12:00 PM in Big Kid
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    Being 11 is harder than it looks. I know all the grownups are always like, "Oh, you're so lucky to just be 11 and not have so much to deal with." My response is usually a nod and a smile, but sometimes I give them a shrug and a "so so" movement with my hand.

    This is what really goes on in the life of an 11-year-old ...

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    There are enough crazy people out there wandering around that I'm generally very appreciative of school safety procedures and guest policies. Most schools these days require non-staff adults to sign in at the office, and many require some form of identification as well.

    But occasionally things get taken too far -- like when Niakea Williams was called to her son's elementary classroom to comfort him. Michael is a special needs student with Asperger's syndrome, and he was beginning to panic, so his teacher frantically called his mom to come soothe him. Williams ended up in handcuffs, and Walnut Groves Elementary School in St. Louis was put on lockdown.

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    Remember when you were a kid and you got a cool new haircut? Remember how you just couldn't wait to show it off to your friends? Well, 9-year-old Kamryn Renfro's new 'do was the ultimate of cool -- she shaved her head to support a pal with cancer. But her return to school after her haircut wasn't exactly what kids look forward to -- Caprock Academy in Grand Junction, Colorado, suspended her for it!

    Administrators at the public charter school told Kamryn's parents that her shaved head violated the dress code, and they barred her from going to class.

    Because heaven forbid kids rock a funky hairdo at school?

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    Mom. Dad. It has come to our attention that there is a real problem in our schools. I know what you're thinking. Bullies. Kids going hungry. Common Core! Alas, it is none of those. Have you heard of the detrimental effects of teachers using, shudder, RED PEN?

    You haven't? Well then! You are about to be schooled in the danger of all things red. See, Mounts Bay Academy over in Jolly Old has forced its teachers to replace their pens with green and purple when they mark up students' worksheets because "red ink was a very negative colour."

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    There is no question that Pharrell Williams' Oscar-nominated song "Happy" makes people, well ... happy. It's the kind of tune that can inspire the stiffest, stodgiest of people to let loose. It just makes you feel good. Now imagine a performance of it that's even better than any version the great Pharrell could ever do. Not possible, you say? Wait until you get a look at a Detroit elementary school's take on it. You will be astonished -- especially after you realize what those kids endure each day.

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    When it comes to our children and their schooling, most of us would climb the highest mountain if it meant our kids were able to receive the best education we could provide for them. One devoted father in China is, literally, carrying his disabled 12-year-old son on his back and walking him to the nearest school that will accept him -- which is inconveniently located 5 miles away from their home.

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