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    Every mom has that moment when they realize something they thought was just part of parenting makes them different. For me, it's the car. I have a problem letting my daughter get into a moving vehicle with just about anyone, save for my husband and me. She's 9 years old, and I can count on one hand the number of people allowed to drive her to and fro.

    Until recently, I thought this was pretty normal. Who lets their kid get in a car with just anyone?

    A lot more parents than I realized.

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    I still clearly remember those moments when I was 7 years old, and Dad would let me drive his car. Granted, it was in the driveway and he'd be pushing the pedals. My "driving" was limited to holding onto the wheel and maybe lying on the horn for far too long. But one dad in Colorado has recently posted a video of himself and his 6-year-old kid taking a joyride on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

    It all seems somewhat fine and dandy (the child is sitting in front of the driver though, which is a big no-no) until the dad suddenly takes his hands off the handlebars and instructs his son to take over. Watch this:

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    How far would your child go to get out of going to school? One third grader in Florida allegedly stole his mother's car to avoid going to school for the day.

    Authorities have charged the 9-year-old with aggravated assault and grand theft auto after he threw a brick at his mother and grandmother and stole his mother's car keys. He managed to drive the car for 45 minutes before police were able to pull him over.

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    The day is fast approaching when I will become a mother to first one teen daughter, and a few years later, a second. Since I basically still feel 17 in a lot of ways, this concept is both intriguing and terrifying to me.

    Like all things in parenting, I’m sure that nothing will go as planned, and I will all of a sudden be faced with the shocking realization that I am, in fact, the adult in the room. I hate when that happens.

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    When it comes to weather, do NOT go against Al Roker. The man is one hell of an authority on all things storms and he'll let you know when it IS and IS NOT safe to hit the streets in your school bus, car, or snow boots, got that?! The Today show co-anchor took to Twitter today and went absolutely mental on New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, questioning his common sense for choosing to keep city schools open in spite of a bad storm that left 12 people dead in the South and has already caused mayhem and at least one death in the Northeast. 

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    When our kids do something "wrong," we give them guidance on how and why, in straightforward terms, to knock it off. Kindly, of course. At least that's my style. Sometimes their not-so-great actions scare us because they may be putting themselves in danger or attempting to eat an entire cookie jar full of chocolate chips right before bedtime. Which is dangerous for other reasons. One 10-year-old boy, however, did something that should terrify us -- he stole his parents' car and even took his 18-month-old little sister along for the ride.

    But his reasoning and excuse make me love him -- I even want to give him a high-five. Even though he crashed the car into a snowy ditch. Even though he lied to the police. It was the best lie ever.

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    Don't feel alone if your first thought when you read this is: oh my goodness, what?! It's extremely difficult to imagine how anyone would handle the death of their child, and I find it nearly impossible to judge a parent's choices if he or she is in this horrible situation. One father from Italy did something unusual -- but incredibly touching -- after his 20-year-old son died in a car accident earlier this year: he had his remains turned into a diamond that will endure and be passed down to family members for generations to come. 

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    Whenever a teen gets behind the wheel of a car and drives drunk, it is a bad situation. Even more horrific is when that teen crashes and dies. With all of the awareness we have about drunk driving now, you would think and hope this would still not be happening. But it is. Thousands of teens die every year in drunk driving accidents. Let's face it, teens think they are immortal. They don't think it's going to happen to them. Plenty of adults think that way, so why wouldn't young people, who have little concept of the harsh reality of life? But when one teen drinks and drives and dies ... should her friends be arrested? Yes. At least according to the Glastonbury, Connecticut police.

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    It seems like there’s always some new study or report out about young people refusing to grow up. Er, um, not refusing, per se, but unable to nonetheless. Something about brain development or sleeping habits or helicopter parents.

    Whatever the reason, record numbers of 20-somethings are moving back in with their parents (if they ever left at all), so does this qualify as an epidemic? Maybe.

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    It’s hard to send your kids out into the world without you, but you do it anyway, because you know it’s part of growing up and the whole individuation process. One of the biggest steps we take as parents is sending them off to school -- but we trust that the teachers and other people taking care of them are responsible adults with training on how to handle kids.

    Or, you know, in the case of school bus drivers, not to drive drunk. A Columbus school bus driver was pulled over on Monday after driving erratically. The driver was drunk and had an open container of alcohol.

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