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    A mother's car can be spotted from a mile away. It usually smells, it's encrusted with various snacks, there are plastic toys strewn about, and it's a g.d. mess!

    Remember that time your car was neat before you had kids? Hahahaha, look back on it fondly, because you will never experience that again, dear friend.

    But if you think your car is bad, I have some solace for you. Here are 18 cars that couldn't scream I'M A MOM! any more than if the words were spray painted on their trunk.

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    Stories about kidnapped kids may be some of the worst for parents to read, but an unusual tale out of Georgia will put a smile on your face. A brave 10-year-old boy is home safe and sound with his parents after saving himself from an abductor by singing. And Willie Myrick didn't just sing anything. He sang gospel songs ... for three hours.

    Sound annoying? That's exactly what Willie's kidnapper must have thought.

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    Back when I was a brand new mom, or heck, even before I had kids, I was pretty judgy of other moms. I admit, it's easy to see someone loading their children up on candy or strapping them into a kid leash and say to yourself, "I'd never do that."

    Granted, there are some things that I will never, ever not judge; Coca Cola in a baby bottle will make me cringe every single time.

    But overall, I've realized that parenting context is everything, which is why I bite my tongue way more than I ever did before.

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    My husband Tim told me our local Little League would like to name a sportsmanship award for our son Jack, who died in a freak accident in 2011 at just 12 years old. Right after I spit out my tea in surprise, I paused to think about whether this would be an appropriate way to honor our son. You see, sportsmanship did not come naturally for Jack.

    But really, I cannot think of a more fitting tribute.

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    I still clearly remember those moments when I was 7 years old, and Dad would let me drive his car. Granted, it was in the driveway and he'd be pushing the pedals. My "driving" was limited to holding onto the wheel and maybe lying on the horn for far too long. But one dad in Colorado has recently posted a video of himself and his 6-year-old kid taking a joyride on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

    It all seems somewhat fine and dandy (the child is sitting in front of the driver though, which is a big no-no) until the dad suddenly takes his hands off the handlebars and instructs his son to take over. Watch this:

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    Children get into the wildest spots, don't they? They find ways to climb, descend, and scale places and things we could never dream of conquering. But just wait until you hear this story!

    A 24-year-old woman in Lincoln, Nebraska reported her 3-year-old son as missing after she notice that he must have slipped out of the home when she went to the bathroom.

    At the same time, customers at Madsen's Bowling and Billiards restaurant also called the police when they noticed a little boy was stuck the arcade toy claw machine. He was hanging out and playing with the toys. Just having a grand ol' time!

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    The always-adorable Jennifer Garner was on The Tonight Show recently, and she explained that her husband, a little actor you may have heard of named Ben Affleck, explained to their 2-year-old son, Samuel, what his "bits" were. "[Ben]’s so psyched to finally have a boy. He loves his girls, but he’s serious about his son right now. So he taught him about his bits. He taught him about his P and two N’s."

    Only that's not what Ben referred to them as.

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    A new study has come out that claims that parents today are more aggravated than parents ten years ago. It's somewhat ironic, given that women and men today tend to be more emotionally in-tuned and spiritually-enlightened than they were a decade ago, but moms and dads are reporting feeling frustrated with their kids these days.

    Wanna guess why?

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    How far would your child go to get out of going to school? One third grader in Florida allegedly stole his mother's car to avoid going to school for the day.

    Authorities have charged the 9-year-old with aggravated assault and grand theft auto after he threw a brick at his mother and grandmother and stole his mother's car keys. He managed to drive the car for 45 minutes before police were able to pull him over.

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    Do you watch Shark Tank, the show where entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to a panel of potential investors? My husband and I are borderline obsessed with it; I can't think of another show that feels so interactive in terms of causing us to repeatedly pause the TV so we can hash out our opinions of any given deal ("Ugh, royalty in perpetuity? Classic Mr. Wonderful" "Oh what a complete surprise, Robert's out, who could have seen this coming?").

    I like assessing the products I see on the show, but I can't help noticing that out of all the various parenting-focused products that have cropped up lately, none of them truly address MY needs. In fact, it seems like for every day-to-day parenting challenge I face, someone out there has invented a solution ... that doesn't even remotely solve the problem.

    Here's what I'm talking about:

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