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    Most parents will probably agree that there are plenty of things that come out of their mouths that they NEVER imagined they'd say until they had kids. And as the mom of one child, a son, I can say first hand that being the parent of a boy has me repeating sentences on a daily basis that would probably never be uttered otherwise.

    As much as we adore them, boys are, well, kind of gross sometimes.

    On that note, here are 30 wacky things moms admit saying to their sons ... way too regularly!

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    Kids can be so sweet. They make all kinds of promises when they're young that we know, as parents, will never materialize, but who cares? That isn't the point. My daughter tells me all the time that she's going to take me to the moon in a rocket ship she builds by herself. I'm probably not going to hold her to it, but it's the thought that counts.

    Unless you're this guy -- a Reddit user named "Belairboy" who worked his tail off in order to get his dad a gift he vowed at age 8 he'd one day buy for him. Get your tissues ready because this is one video that's going to make you sob with delight.

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    When I was pregnant with my first child, I remember sitting in the assembled nursery, my huge belly resting on my lap as I rocked in our newly purchased glider, and marveled at how the room had changed. Just months before it had been a perfectly unremarkable guest room, and now look at it! Softly lit, filled with unfamiliar furniture, dreamily unfocused stars projected on the ceiling from the crib mobile.

    I was thinking of that strange, anticipatory feeling the other day when I was in my oldest son's room gathering laundry. How his room has a life of its own now, his personality shining through in every minute piece of clutter. Once upon a time, that yet-unused nursery overwhelmed me with its quiet promise of how our lives were going to change ... and now my 8-year-old's messy room still crushes my heart, with its freeze-frame capture of a little boy's journey to growing up.

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    A 7-year-old boy was removed from his elementary school after he allegedly groped an 8-year-old female classmate on two separate occasions. According to Kimberly Weiss, the victim's mother, the first time her daughter was groped, the boy was suspended for a day and then allowed back in the same classroom as her daughter. But the second time her daughter was assaulted, she says the principal gave her two choices: The boy could either be transferred to a different classroom, or her daughter could switch schools. Yes, she was told her daughter could switch schools after being groped. And adding insult to injury, Weiss said the principal asked her why her daughter didn't "punch the boy in the face" after the incident. 

    The district eventually stepped in and the boy was removed from school, but not before Kimberly sent out fliers to each and every parent in the class, explaining the situation and warning them that their children could be at risk, also.

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    An overweight 4-year-old in India recently underwent a controversial surgery that removed 70 percent of his stomach. Sadly, Rishi Khatau was born with Prader-Willi Syndrome, a condition that didn't allow his body to properly burn calories, and by the time he reached 4-years-old, he weighed 98 pounds. Rishi's parents tried putting their son on every diet in the book, but nothing worked. He was constantly hungry, regardless of what he ate. But hunger and weight gain weren't the only issues. "He was so fat he could only sleep lying down for 10 minutes before he'd wake up in the night," his father Dipen said. "He had severe breathing issues and he was always gasping for breath. We feared he wouldn't be alive for his next birthday."

    Rishi's parents felt that the last resort to help their son was surgery. So they had their toddler undergo gastrectomy, making him one of the youngest patients ever to receive such a procedure.

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    Romeo Clarke is like many 5-year-old boys in that he just wants to do what his older siblings are doing. Thing is, though, his older siblings are wearing dresses -- pink sparkly dresses to be exact. So, for this adorable little boy in England, dresses and play high heels it is. Naturally, though, the whole little-boy-in-a-dress thing isn't sitting well with everyone. In fact, Romeo was actually banned from his church-run playgroup for "upsetting and confusing" the other children with his penchant for traditionally girly clothes.

    Romeo's mother, Georgina, was understandably furious and has filed a complaint against the playgroup. "All I could ask was 'why?,'" she said. You see, to her, Romeo isn't weird or strange at all. He's just her son. "This is not a case of him being trapped in a girl’s body. He has three big sisters, he likes wearing dresses. What’s wrong with that?'"

    Yeah. What is wrong with that?

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    Oh. Good. Grief. Did you hear what Modern Family actress Julie Bowen lets her sons do? Wait, scratch that, did you hear how the pearl clutchers are reacting to Julie Bowen's announcement that her three young sons watch her in the shower?

    Bowen showed up on Conan O'Brien's show recently, and the conversation turned to kids -- as it so often does when two parents are chatting. Bowen has three boys, including twins who turn 5 later this month. And, well, it turns out her little boys like to sneak into the bathroom and watch Mom shower.

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    At one point or another, most of us have heard someone say that all so-and-so needs is a "kick in the pants" to get him to do something. Yeah, not so effective when the person you're trying to motivate is 6 years old AND you deliver him an actual swift kick in the pants.

    One Florida dad clearly doesn't agree. The man, whose name has not been released, was caught on video pushing his young son down a skateboard ramp in an effort to -- I'm guessing -- force the child to face his fears. His actions angered families at the park and he has been temporarily banned from visiting the skateboarding facility. On a more serious note, the Florida Department of Children and Families is investigating to determine whether there's more to this story.

    Is dad simply administering some good, old-fashioned tough love, or did he take things too far?

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    In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where I grew up, we take our sports very, very seriously. Though apparently none of us takes it nearly as seriously as this extremely animated, thoroughly adorable 2-year-old Pittsburgh Penguins fan.

    The Penguins and their loyal fans are currently enjoying the hype and excitement that is playoff hockey, and a very short clip of this little guy popped up on my newsfeed on Facebook a couple of days ago after one of the games. Friends of mine from Pittsburgh shared it, we all had a good laugh, then we moved on with our lives, but little did we know that cutie Tyler Avolia would become a hero to not just those of us in Pittsburgh, but to anyone who's a die-hard fan of any sport.

    Just look at this face!

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    Stories about kidnapped kids may be some of the worst for parents to read, but an unusual tale out of Georgia will put a smile on your face. A brave 10-year-old boy is home safe and sound with his parents after saving himself from an abductor by singing. And Willie Myrick didn't just sing anything. He sang gospel songs ... for three hours.

    Sound annoying? That's exactly what Willie's kidnapper must have thought.

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