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    Every day at school drop off I have to write down on a whiteboard if my child is eating school lunch or home lunch. We are school lunch people. There are home lunch people. To my surprise, lots of them. Being on the school lunch people list makes me feel like a bad mom. I fail to lovingly prepare turkey and cheese sandwiches cut in hearts. I don’t supply cute Hello Kitty lunch boxes with the carrots cut just so and the celery is perfectly ready to dip into the homemade hummus carefully wrapped in a little jar.  

    I do all those things though. Except the homemade hummus. I just don’t do them on school days. But then I think of the “institutional” meats and bread that isn’t 298 grain and the milk that isn’t organic, the eggs that come from who-knows-what-fed chickens and the exposure to juice that isn’t freshly squeezed and I feel guilty, guilty, guilty. 

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    A school bus attendant in New York has been arrested for breaking the arm of a 5-year-old boy with autism while trying to discipline him on the bus. 

    According to Connor's mom, the boy was doing something any child -- with or without autism -- often does: He was swinging his feet and kicking the seat in front of him.

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    Does it seem like more and more parents are keeping their autumn-born children home from school for an extra year before they enroll them in kindergarten? It’s not in your head. Statistics show that more kids than ever are 6 instead of 5 when entering school these days.

    The rationale makes sense. Parents generally want to give their kids the best chance, right? Why not start them a year later when they’re in that questionable, when-do-I-start-them time frame?

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    My daughter got off the bus the other day as mad as a wet hen. I'd packed her lunch -- as I always do -- and I'd included a small treat, a lollipop, as one of her two snacks. I thought I was doing something nice for my hard-studying kiddo, but it turns out I'd just cheated her out of one of her snacks for the day. She told me she's not allowed to have candy at lunch time.

    Coming from a school that sells ice cream and cookies in the cafeteria, I'm not sure it could get much more hypocritical.

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    The academic year is barely underway, but from the load of parental guilt I'm lugging around, you'd think it was mid-March. Usually I don't reach this level of school-related maternal self-loathing until at least a couple of sub-par, hastily thrown together science projects and/or book reports have been handed in late -- and yet, here we are, not even done with September and I'm already stewing in remorse. Dang, we haven't even hit "I forgot to sign the permission slip" season yet!

    Tonight, it's all I can do to recall, with a cringe, the many mistakes I made when I sent my almost 8-year-old son to school this morning ...

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    For the first day of school this year, my son brought ... a very congested cough. I could tell it was the kind of cough that would linger for the next two weeks, and he didn't have a fever or any other cold symptoms. So I had to make a call. I decided to send him to school anyway, with a reminder of how to cough politely. Every parent will face this dilemma at least once during the school year -- more likely a few times. Sometimes it's obvious, other times it's not such a clear call. How do you know when your child is too sick for school?

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    Can you believe Maci Bookout's little guy is already old enough for homework? He's not working on algebra yet, but he sure knows his alphabet. In a new Keek video we get to see Maci helping Bentley with his homework, and it's adorable. Bentley is coloring duck's feet -- the ones with the letter "D" inside get colored orange. Sounds like your kids' homework, too?

    Bentley's clearly the star of this video, but Maci does something that wins us over, too. She's helping Bentley with his homework -- not that he can't do it himself, but it's important to engage with your kids over school work. It's quality time with your kids. Even better, we love her attitude.

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    I knew the form was coming, but that didn't make it any easier when it arrived. Illegal Absence. I never knew a piece of paper could mom shame, but it did.

    Technically, it's telling the truth. I am taking my kid out of school for what the state has deemed an "illegal absence." That I talked to her teacher on meet the teacher night and emailed her about our upcoming trip doesn't matter. Nor does the fact that said teacher is putting together a packet of homework to do on the trip.

    It's still "illegal."

    I don't do anything illegal.

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    There are plenty of good reasons to homeschool your kid out there. Local school district doesn't have great academics? Check. Got a kid whose needs aren't being met by the district? Check. Homeschool can be a great thing for parents and kids alike.

    But I've noticed a trend among homeschooling parents. Anytime ANYTHING happens at a school, even a one-off, silly thing that was a one in a million chance, they jump at the chance to tell us public school parents what idiots we are and how GLAD they are that they had the foresight to educate their kid at home.

    Overcompensating much, folks?

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    When you send your child off to school, you're generally not even imagining that a teacher could smack your kid. Or are you? Apparently, this still goes on to the extent that at least one school system sent home an "opt-out" form to parents, to let them choose whether or not their kids could be subjected to corporal punishment. A mother was so appalled that she sent the letter to a media outlet. According to the school system:

    Parents or legal guardians who do not want corporal punishment to be administered to their child/children must inform the principal of the school on an annual basis.

    I'll be honest. I had no idea this stuff was still happening and that it's so widespread. But apparently, it is.

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