Do You Choose Your Child's Friends?


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Sometimes moms hate their kid's friends. That's probably something we just have to learn to live with. But what if your distaste for the child is a little something more than just thinking he's a nerdlinger? What if you think he's bad news?


loraleechoate recently banned her sons from playing with a 10-year-old neighbor, "Randy," because she thought he might be a bad influence.

At first, she instituted a rule that the kids had to play at her house and forbade them from going to Randy's (she feared there was no parental supervision there). When Randy was at her house, he didn't want to leave when it was time, and it often turned into a big scene. Plus, Randy had a potty mouth.

Loralee says the final straw was when her son disobeyed her and went over to Randy's house where Randy showed him some pornography. Loralee banned Randy from her house and her kids' lives completely.

Loralee writes,"I realize this makes me seem pretty heartless and cruel about a kid. I guess you'd have to know him and me to really know for certain. I would love to be the character in the movie who sees past it all, who comes in and makes a difference in this kid's life, but it's just not something I am capable of right now. I am just trying to get my own family raised. We've tried to let him play at our house, but honestly, every instinct I have as a mom says to keep this kid away."

Have you ever forbidden your child from hanging around with another kid? What was the reason? How did you feel about ending their friendship? Under what circumstances would you forbid your kid from being friends with someone, if ever?


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