Soft Clothing: Helps With Sensory Needs, Feels Good to All Kids

Soft Clothing for All Children is clothing designed for children with sensitivity to the texture and feel of clothing, a common symptom of Autism, Aspergers and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). Of course, it's also adorable and well priced for all kids!


More than 1 in 150 children have sensory needs and struggle to find comfort in their own clothing. That's a lot of kids struggling over a pretty basic need.

Ten-year old Darius (pictured on right in group photo at top) has hypersensitivity to clothing. He has struggled with this issue his whole life and coped by wearing a "uniform" of women's pajama pants and an old T-shirt every day. His mom was thrilled when she found the Soft Clothing solution for her son.

So what's different about Soft Clothing? Soft Clothing uses flat seaming on all its garments, which means seams don't stick up or out. They digitally print their labels and detailing like buttons, zippers, woven fabrics, and applique designs so that garments are non-irritating to the skin. This way many of their clothes look a little dressier but still feel like a sweatsuit or t-shirt. Even the socks are constructed to eliminate the irritating toe seam.

Soft Clothing creator Jessica Ralli is a special educator and activist for children with Autism. Way to go, Jessica!

Do your kids have a sensitivity to tags or the texture and feel of clothing? How have you dealt with it?

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