Surprising College Drop-Outs

Facebook logoWow, can you believe the creator of the insanely popular Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, didn't even graduate from college?

Check out the list of Most Surprising College Drop-Outs (with photos) over on HuffPo. The list also includes musician Lady Gaga, filmmaker James Cameron, and comedian Ellen DeGeneres.


I point out this story NOT so you can show your teens who think they don't want to go to college. I show you this story so you don't feel hopeless if your graduated teens have already chosen not to go to college (or soon will).

If you have a bright, industrious, hard-working child (or, truthfully, sometimes even far less), there is still hope for them to find success. College isn't the only way (but don't tell them that if they're still deciding; just tell yourself if you're worrying about it).

Do you have child who doesn't want to or decide not to go to college?

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