The Senior Year Spring Break = Party Time!

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My spring break senior year

Spring break senior year was kind of a big deal in my school. Every year, members of the senior class would always get together and go to Panama City Beach.


I was, what you would call, a "good kid" in high school (and no, I'm not just saying this because my mother reads all of my posts). So, I didn't go on this "epic" trip, and I seriously doubt my mom would have let me even if I wanted to.

Oh sure, my class came back with stories about how so-and-so hooked up, how one guy got crazy drunk and passed out in the bathroom, how they stole streets signs, etc. Hilarious.

But my two best friends and I opted the more goodie-two-shoes route and went to Disney World. We were quite the rebels, weren't we? And yes, that would be me wearing the Mickey ears (and I really cannot believe I just posted this for the world to see **cheeks blushing in humilation**). Gosh, I was soooo dorky back then!

Anyways, we came back with just as many fun stories as "the cool kids" did, only ours didn't take large amounts of alcohol to create them. And we had an absolute blast.

Not saying it's a bad thing to let your kids go somewhere like PCB for spring break...especially when it's their last year of high school and they're technically adults. It's one of those things: kids will be kids and you just gotta hope you gave them enough knowledge to be responsible when they do get crazy (i.e. no drinking and driving, always use a condom, etc). I guess all we can do is cross our fingers, huh?

When is spring break for your family? Are you doing a spring break trip? Are you going as a family or, if they're older, are they doing their own thing?

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