School Spies on Students at Home With Webcam

Have you heard about that new reality show? Yeah, it's about this school that uses a laptop webcam that a student borrows to spy on them while they're in the safety of their home.

Oh wait, that's not a reality show? That actually happened?


Yes it did. At Harriton High School in a suburb of Philadelphia to be exact.

School Superintendent Christopher McGinley said in a statement on the district Web site that webcams were used to only to help locate a computer "reported missing, lost or stolen."

But parents argue in a lawsuit filed against the school district that their 15-year-old son was not told Big Brother was watching him on the school laptop he was allowed to check out and take home.

How creepy is that?! Who's to say that the school system has peeped in under curiousities? The mystery of the teenager is quite intriguing.

Read the full article at Parent Dish's website and tell me your thoughts...

Do you think that the school has a right since it's their property or do you think the webcams are overstepping the boundaries? 

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