School Superintendent Threatens to Fire Entire Staff

firedYowza! Talk about hardcore. A superintendent at a school in Rhode Island is threatening to clean house if her teachers don't clean up.


The school, Central Falls School, is ranked low (like bottom of the barrel low) when it comes to test scores and graduation rates in the state.

The superintendent in charge, Frances Gallo, has requested that the teachers to do the following: Add 25 minutes to the school day, provide tutoring before and after school, eat lunch with students once a week, submit to more rigorous evaluations, attend weekly after-school planning sessions with fellow teachers and participate in two weeks of training during the summer break.

Um, so? All of that sounds like something they should be doing anyways.

Well, the teachers got pissy and played the union card. The union officials say they agree that the high school needs improving but refuse to put forth any more effort unless they get more $$.

Yeah, I'd fire their a***s, too.

Read the full story about the potential teacher layoffs at Parent Dish and tell me what you think.

Do you think the superintendent has a right to fire the entire staff or is she being a bit harsh?

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