Barbie Is a News Anchor (and an Engineer)

News anchor Barbie

News anchor Barbie

For the first time ever, Mattel put the Barbie doll's annual career up for a vote online. Young girls everywhere were asked to choose from several professions: computer engineer, architect, environmentalist, news anchor and surgeon.

Half a million votes were counted and girls overwhelmingly voted for news anchor. The doll will debut this fall wearing a pink suite with black accents, a news folder, camera and a microphone and the “B News” logo.

But wait, there's more ...


"By popular demand," Barbie will also have a second career -- as a computer engineer. Two careers in one year. This is unprecedented. And talk about a contrast. Big hair versus big computer. This geeky chic doll will wear an equal amount of pink in the form of a binary code patterned T-shirt, and equipped with a smart phone, Bluetooth headset, and laptop travel bag.

Computer engineer Barbie

Computer engineer Barbie

This is not right. Someone is trying to appease someone (Steve Jobs at Apple?). Many news anchors are smart and hardworking, but it's funny that girls chose the most celebrity related career on the list. I'll bet someone out there didn't like that, so they pushed to have two.

You don't award two gold medals at the Olympics. You can't have two Barbie careers in one year. They should pick one. If they won't, we will.


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