Girl Runs for Homecoming...King

Sophy Cohen, a student at Santa Monica High School, wrote an article (picked up by an LA Times blogger) that exposed something potentially quite controversial about her school. A girl has run for Homecoming King. Actually, that odd fact wasn't even what was most curious about Sophy's story, what was certainly more interesting to me is what Sophy suggests "change" really looks like through the eyes of young people.


An excerpt: On Friday, the big day, the rally of the year, the entire school gathered in to await the homecoming court. For the first time, a girl decided to run for homecoming king. Untraditional? Yes. Against the norms? Yes. Following the change of our country? Yes...After calls back and forth between the dean of students and assistant superintendent of the district, it was decided that since the application didn’t have gender specifics, there was nothing to keep a female running for a normally male position. Following that, her name was put on the ballot and the entire school voted. As she stepped out from the stage, the crowd burst out in cheers.

Although she wasn’t a winner in this election, her actions have opened the minds of students and teachers. She alone moved Samohi’s progression forward and wasn’t afraid to do so. So yes, not exactly normal in a high school setting, however, our country is calling for a time of change.

Wow. How do your teens exhibit a new way of thinking? Does it sit well with you?

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