My Son is in Love with Me


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Yes! I'm not the only one. I don't go around confessing this everywhere, but sometimes my 5-year-old son acts like he's straight up in love with me. Aside from proclaiming at least once a day (in the dreamiest voice he can muster), "Mommy, I really love you. You're the best mommy I ever had. You look like a queeeeeen." He also prefers to kiss me on my lips...when his dad says "Good Morning" to him, the boy offers a wrestling goes on.

But have I found the best essay about sons being in love with their mothers ever?!

"Freud, I think, would have a heyday with the symbolism of my husband's nightly intervention in the mama-bed drama," Melanie Springer Mock writes hilariously in reference to her 4-year-old sons crashing her bed. "Yet the drama continues, for during the day, my boys fight over who I should hold and who gets to sit behind me in the car (if I drive, one son is happy; if my husband drives, and I sit in the front seat, I've pleased the other son). They practice long, slow kisses, coming to me with lips puckered and eyes shut, much like that other guy who lives in our house. At dinner, they push their chairs suffocatingly close to mine, so that three of us sit tight on one side of the table. My husband sits alone on the other side."

Ha! I live this. I can finally come out now--and while I'm at it I should confess to soaking it all up.

Anyone else care to admit that their young son is madly in love with them?

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krist... kristal2146

I don't have a boy, but my daughter will regularly give up whoever she is playing with to clamor for huggy time with momma. She's only 8 months old I should add, so this clamoring is a lot of gesturing for me with her arms, grabbing at me, yelling in my general direction, and trying to eat my arm as she squeezes me as hard as she can. And yes, I love it!

mom2b... mom2boys1329

My older son is equally in love with my husband and I. But everyone will tell u how much my younest is in love with me! He has a hard time whenever I'm goe. Its sad because my hubby has a hard time being alone with him but what r we to do? He loves his Mama! LOL.

boy kissing mom

beckwife beckwife

   In our house, it's the opposite.  My daughter will come between DH and I if we are sitting together or hugging...  She is super jealous of he and I.  And the reverse goes for me.  For instance when she says very sweetly "Daaaddy" and he turns immediately and says "Yes, gorgeous" but I'm very sweetly saying "Honnneeey" and I have to resort to "BECK!" (we're military, so I know it will ALWAYS get his attention) when he doesn't answer me. 

   But I found that he's very cool about it and will come kiss me first in the morning or when he comes home from work.  But still makes her feel special and not left out. 

Drink it in while you can...

My son isn't the clingy sort, but will tell me "Mommy, I have something to tell you" and lean over and kiss me.  He also tells me that "Mommy, you're the BEST Mommy in the whole world!" or "I think you deserve flowers everyday!"  This boy knows how to treat his Mommy right...  But prefers girls women younger than I and older than himself.  He is a chick magnet.

Crazy... Crazy-Steph

I admit that my youngest is in love with me!  He is almost six, yet I cannot sit down or move without him attached to me.  I get the long slow kiss with the eyes closed - we are currently trying to stop this.  LOL  He loves his daddy, but it is obvious who he favorite is.  I love it!  Usually....

leanna3 leanna3

my son is the same way I call him my little husband trust me wait a couple years and that will all change

pagan 1

mom4l... mom4life86

lol These are all better stories than mine. My son is equal to both my Fiance and I. Random hugs n kisses. but when my fiancee comes over to me and gives me great big hug and my son just stands there and stare, my fiance goes "my mommy. you cant have her" and keeps hugging me. our son runs up and tries to get in between us so that he can get his random hug from mommy. of course, all the time this kid just wants a kiss on the lips but he'll tell you when he wants one if you arent paying attention. he'll force your head to move so you can look at him and he'll lean over and kiss you on the  lips. his speech therapist wanted a kiss from him but on the cheek. so she'll make the pucker sound and he tries to give her a kiss on the lips instead of on the cheek. when she turns her head so that she can get a kiss on the lips... he does the same thing. so that they are looking the same direction. so her head moves, so does his. it was sooo cute. mind you, he doesnt talk yet so his way of communication is either by pushing you or fussing bout it. we did teach him the gesture for more but 2 weeks ago he stopped doing that for some reason. at first he stopped it and just gave us kisses on the lips everytime we say the word "more". and then after giving us the kiss he'd run into the kitchen like he's tryin to tell us "ok you got your kiss, now give me what i want" so yeah... sometimes mommy gets more hugs n kisses than daddy in this home :D

mom4l... mom4life86

and my son is 2 years old btw, forgot to say that in my previous comment lol

WillDoDa WillDoDa

I don't have a son, but my daughter is SO in love with her Daddy. :) She's actually quite upset that I won't "give him up" so she can marry him when she's older. LOL That conversation always cracks me up, but I tell her that he's mine and she'll have to find her own good husband.

She loves me a ton too, but Daddy is the special one. :)

pinks... pinksafyre

 I guess we're weird but my 8 y/o dtr is always kissy-face with ME, and has been for over a year now...VERY attached to Mom. Likes to kiss lips but doesnt "linger" IE: nothing that raises alarm bells.  She is pretty WET though; sometimes I have to wipe my lips after but I NEVER let her see.

  My just-turned eleven yr.old son, strangely enuf, is very attached to me as well, but just occasional kisses on the cheek or a hug form him.

 Niether of the above children spend much of ANY time with Dad (were not divorced or anything but I mean they dont spend time w/him voluntarily)  I dont know why.  My son (above) even calls his Dad by his First Name (behind his back)  NEVER refers to him as "Daddy."    I dont know.

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