My Son is in Love with Me

photo by katecole

Yes! I'm not the only one. I don't go around confessing this everywhere, but sometimes my 5-year-old son acts like he's straight up in love with me. Aside from proclaiming at least once a day (in the dreamiest voice he can muster), "Mommy, I really love you. You're the best mommy I ever had. You look like a queeeeeen." He also prefers to kiss me on my lips...when his dad says "Good Morning" to him, the boy offers a wrestling goes on.


But have I found the best essay about sons being in love with their mothers ever?!

"Freud, I think, would have a heyday with the symbolism of my husband's nightly intervention in the mama-bed drama," Melanie Springer Mock writes hilariously in reference to her 4-year-old sons crashing her bed. "Yet the drama continues, for during the day, my boys fight over who I should hold and who gets to sit behind me in the car (if I drive, one son is happy; if my husband drives, and I sit in the front seat, I've pleased the other son). They practice long, slow kisses, coming to me with lips puckered and eyes shut, much like that other guy who lives in our house. At dinner, they push their chairs suffocatingly close to mine, so that three of us sit tight on one side of the table. My husband sits alone on the other side."

Ha! I live this. I can finally come out now--and while I'm at it I should confess to soaking it all up.

Anyone else care to admit that their young son is madly in love with them?

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