Teacher Organizes Fight Club


game cocks I'm married to a teacher. I always get the inside scoop. I thought I'd heard it all.

Then I read that two New York City teachers organized a fight club for two of their bickering middle schoolers, and I think, well, at least I'll be able to one-up my husband at the dinner table tonight.


The 10 year olds were reportedly fighting over a pencil, according to the Daily News. Instead of trying to help the kids resolve the matter peacefully, like, um, any teacher who wants to keep his job would, he and his aid locked the classroom door, asks the other kids to stand aside, and tells the boys to duke it out gladiator style in the center of the room.

The police were called, the teacher and aid were removed and suspended respectively. No doubt the school board has to follow "proper procedure" and hold a hearing. But I seriously hope both of them are looking for a new career.

It  never ceases to amaze me some of the things that go on in public schools, the place where, you know, you're supposed to send your kids because you think it's safe and supportive?

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Homeschooling, anyone?

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ethan... ethans_momma06

I'm going to sound a little different here but at the highschool I went to the boys were constantly constantly beating the crap out of each other. The solution? THe football coah brought in two pairs of boxing gloves.

I know a lot of parents freak out when it comes to fighting, and I don't think 10 years old is the proper age to have this sort of thing going on but....it really helped vent the physical anger and frustration in a safe and secure setting. I don't know the full circumstances with this story, perhaps one is a notorius bully who would have jumped the other kid after school and this was the teachers way of making sure that this child had a fair chance.

To often people go 'Oh well there HAS to be a peaceful way to resolve ANY issue (even one as small as a pencil) but peace doesn't come from the mediators, or the well wishing- it comes from the involved parties. So while we ideally isnsit that these teachers should have mandated a 'peaceful' option I don't think that that is really fair considering that we don't know all the extenuating circumstances.

BaisMom BaisMom

They used to do that at my middle school. They'd put the two kids in a room and let them duke it out. Not a big deal to me. If they are going to fight, let them. At least it's being monitored so no one gets seriously pummeled. The world is not some la-dee-da place like a lot of people think it is. I'd rather that happen then kids have a meet up at a park or something and then it turns into an all out brawl, kids fighting everywhere, getting jumped etc.

toria... toriandgrace

I don't care why the teacher thought it was acceptable, it's not. It is never ok for a teacher to go against school rules and encourage violence in the classroom. Unacceptable.

Towma... TowmaGirl

I don't think that the teacher went about this the correct way.  I know if one of the boys had been my son I would have been furious.  Maybe I'm over protective but I'm so sick of hearing all the things that go on in schools which is why I'm going to be homeschooling this fall. It's my job to teach my children how to resolve disputes with others not the teachers.  And a teacher teaching my child when he doesn't get his way to just fight it out - crazy.  Maybe it's different in the city (I've lived in the country all my life) I don't know, but I would never approve of this.

loved... lovedjuan

Well i think it teaches class clowns and bully's a lesson as long as teachers are there bully's and class clowns feel they are protected i wonder how they felt when they got there wish im sure shocked and im sure they will now know how to act in school  the thought of will this teacher let us fight should stay in the back of their minds hard headed kids like that need tough love ..And if my kid went to school acting a fool he would need to learn a lesson school is for learning not tryin to be cute..But that is also why i know my kids wont go to school acting like that cause rules start in the home.. and by me knowing i have wonderful kids let me get a call someone at school hit my baby it wont be pretty ...

Peajewel Peajewel

I am not a fan of fighting.

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